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Megan E O’Keefe wins the Morningstar award!

Glad tidings from Derby! This weekend, at a wonderful ceremony during the EdgeLit literary festival, the Gemmell Award for Fantasy 2016 winners were announced. We’ve got to tell you, we were absolutely delighted!

Firstly, our Megan E O’Keefe, author of Steal the Sky (part of the Scorched Continent series, which also includes Break the Chains and Inherit the Flame) won the Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Debut! *Throws glitter* Alas, Megan couldn’t make the ceremony, what with living in California AND spending the weekend celebrating her birthday but the wonderful Matt Dovey collected on her behalf (see picture below). Thanks for everything Matt!

Secondly long time Robot, Gav Thorpe won the Legend award for best novel for Warbeast (Black Library). See, we always knew you were a legend, Gav and now you’ve the trophy to prove it! Luckily, as a local, Gav was around to collect the award and wandered off at the end of the night looking a bit shady clasping four foot axe.

Congratulations to both on such wonderful wins!

Now, to get this Morningstar Award in the post. *Searches for bubblewrap*

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Anna Kashina Prism Award Win

Glad tidings!

Join us in celebrating the news that author of The Majat Code series, Anna Kashinahas won not one but two Prism Awards.

The Prism Awards are handed out to published authors of novels and novellas for work that contains both romance and a paranormal element.

Anna was entered into the award for her novel The Guild of Assassins, the second book in the The Majat Code series, following on from Blades of the Old Empire. She received both the top prize in the fantasy category and the excellently named The Best of The Best – for, we can only presume, being the best.

Anna: “I came to the Prism Awards ceremony with no expectations, just happy to be there and meet some of the authors I admire (including my co-finalist in the fantasy category, Jeffe Kennedy). I felt so thrilled when I learned of my win for fantasy, and dumbfounded when, minutes later, I was also named the winner of the “Best of the Best” award for the overall top entry in the contest that received the most votes. The news is still sinking in, slowly, as I am looking at the two beautiful trophies on my shelf.
I am very happy for The Guild of Assassins to have achieved these honors. Writing this book, to me, felt exactly like being in love. Knowing that I have managed to convey this feeling to the readers is very rewarding. I am so glad the book has found its perfect audience.”

Congratulations, Anna!

For more on Anna’s win, please visit her blog.

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