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Who, or What, is Numenera – The Poison Eater?

The Poison Eater by Shanna Germain

It’s almost time – two months and six days, to be exact – until the release of our first Numenera tie-in novel, The Poison Eater. Above you’ll see the excellent cover, created by Ben Wootten.

Not entirely sure what Numenera is? Well, we thought that before The Poison Eater hits shelves, we’d give you a little rundown of the incredibly popular RPG created by Monte Cook Games. So,

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Anyone for Empire State RPG Action?

We’ve just posted the latest bit of brand new content to EmpireState.cc, the collaborative content creation WorldBuilder project based on Adam Christopher‘s Empire State.

Empire State - the RPGThe shiny, new content in question is Empire State – the RPG, nothing less than a complete, original and self-contained roleplaying game system fresh from the feverish mind of game designer David ‘Doc Blue’ Wendt, whose credits include White Wolf’s

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