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Follycon: Eastercon 2018

IT IS ALMOST TIME. The Robot Army is mobilising and heading to FollyCon, in numbers greater than ever seen before.

That’s right, the legion will be out in force, and not only that we’ll be selling books, too! Drop by the dealer’s room Monday – Friday to pick up some wonderful novels and get yourself a pin badge! We’re also having a PAAAARTAAAYYY at 3PM on Saturday to launch Jeff Noon’s The Body Library and Patrice Sarath’s The Sisters Mederos. We’ll be giving away a free glass of wine with each book, and it cost an arm

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Angry Robot

New Metal

NickTylerHail Robots,

You may have seen rumblings that we were looking for a new editorial assistant to take over some of the day-to-day running of the orbital death platform – organising the puny meatbags for sacrifice, polishing our vast, gleaming control panel…you know, that kind of thing.

We set up a very cunning trap that involved a pulley system, cage, shiny things and some books and are delighted to announce that we managed to catch one. It’s

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