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New Robot in the Ranks: Darius Hinks

AR Author Darius Hinks

News! New news!

We’ve signed ourselves a new author! And not just any old new author, it’s Gemmell Award-winning author Darius Hinks.

You may know of Darius from his work at Black Library, where he writes novels in the Warhammer universe, including Warrior Priest, which won the aforementioned Morningstar Award.

However, this new novel, The Ingenious, will be Darius’s debut writing within his own IP and goodness, has he written a

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Angry Robot, Book Announcements

New Book Announcement: THE OUTSIDE by Ada Hoffmann

We have new book news!! *Kermit flail*

You might have seen that we have a new author making their home the orbital death platform. May we introduce you to Ada Hoffmann! We’re bringing you Ada’s debut novel, The Outside – a brilliant sci-fi where hyper-intelligent AI gods react harshly to breaches in reality – in June 2019.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Yasira Shien didn’t mean for her science to tear holes in reality. Or for her

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Talk Tuesday To Us: Christopher Hinz

Angry Robot Author Christopher HinzTuesday has arrived again, and with it another insight into the minds of our authors: Talk Tuesday To Us (sometimes under the coercive influence of torture, or in today’s case, an ice cream scoop).

This week we crack open the cranium of Christopher Hinz, author of the fast-paced, action filled SF Binary Storm, sequel to his 1980’s classic Liege-Killer. With the scoop in hand, we can proceed.

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