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Jeannette Ng and Lavie Tidhar Guests of Honour at Fantasticon 2018

Fantasy and steampunk lovers of Copenhagen, rejoice!

This weekend we are sending two fine Robots over to your wonderful city, as Guests of Honour at Fantasticon 2018.

Jeannette Ng (Under the Pendulum Sun) and Lavie Tidhar (The Bookman trilogy) will be around and about for the whole weekend, signing, taking part in panels and even holding a hair braiding workshop!

The full program for the weekend can be found here. Tickets are available here. Books will be available for sale at the con.

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Exclusive Excerpts

Book in a Free Read of The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar

The Bookman by Lavie TidharBreak up your day with a spot of steampunk mystery: The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar. Enjoy the first three chapters on us, right here.

When his beloved is killed in a terrorist atrocity committed by the sinister Bookman, young poet Orphan becomes enmeshed in a web of secrets and lies. His quest to uncover the truth takes him from the hidden catacombs of a London on the brink of revolution, through pirate-infested seas, to the

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On Sale

StoryBundle: The Steampunk Bundle

All Covers Large

Dearest robot pals, how would you like to get your hands on some of the best steampunk novels around? You would, would you? Well, the chance is upon you with StoryBundle‘s steampunk offer!

Curated by author Cat Rambo, the bundle is a collection of eleven fine novels from some of the genre’s most beloved authors, including our very own Lavie Tidhar. The bundle offer is available now and lasts for

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The Great Game – First Chapters for Free!

The Great Game

Hey there! Here’s a free preview of Lavie Tidhar‘s magnificent Houdini fights the Martians novel The Great Game, re-released in October 2016 with a fancy new cover and Professor Tidhar’s exploration of ‘Dynamics of an Asteroid’! It’s a startling work of steampunk historical science fiction.

As Locus said, it “achieves moments of surprising depth and beauty, with real insights into human history and psychology as well as the immense and

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Lavie Tidhar’s Bookman series reissues

We’re super, super excited to announce that this summer we’ll be reissuing Lavie Tidhar‘s The Bookman trilogy, which comprises of The Bookman (June), Camera Obscura (July) and The Great Game (August).

Of course, a reissue means that we get to have some fun with new covers, and fun we had! The three new covers were designed by the fabulous Sarah Anne Langton. To read what Sarah has to say about the creative process behind the cover images, take a look at her great blog post for Tor.com here.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the covers. If you click on

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Nook Deals until 31st December

The B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog’s #RobotChristmas might be over now, however you can still catch a couple of great Nook Deals on selected Angry Robot titles. We just love to treat you guys!

Each of the below are now on offer over at Nook Books for $2.99 each:

The Alchemist of Souls by Anne LyleThe Alchemist of Souls

When Tudor explorers returned from the New World, they brought back a name out of half-forgotten Viking legend: skraylings. Red-sailed

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Angry Robot at FantasyCon 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.03.33

This weekend the now sold out FantasyCon2015 comes to Nottingham, and as it’s on Angry Robot’s home turf we don’t even have to fire up our teleportation devices to attend!

We have a vast array of UK-based Angry Robot authors coming along to the convention all cleaned, oiled and ready to mingle – we’ve ordered them to be on their best behaviour. If you’d like to say hi then make sure to pop along to

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Angry Robot at Nine Worlds

After the joy of GenCon over in the States, it’s finally time for the UK to get a bite of the convention apple, as Nine Worlds is happening this weekend in London!

We’ll be sending down a crack team of Robots to take over attend the con, set on chatting with you and reigning triumphant over every board game going.

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Robot Round-Up, 18.01.13

Hello and welcome to another Robot Round-Up. We’ve got snow here in the UK, which means half the nation has ground to a halt and the whole of Scandinavia is laughing up their sleeves at us. But that’s probably nothing new. Anyhow, all of the above has very little to do with this week’s collection of links-of-Angry-Robot-interest, which looks a little something (or, indeed, rather a lot) like this:

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013

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Happy UK Publication Day, Ramez Naam, Anne Lyle and Lavie Tidhar!

Today is the official, UK-print Publication Day of Angry Robot’s January 2013 releases (which have actually been available in US/CAN bookstores and ebook format since the middle of December, but that’s warehousing systems for you…)

Our January selection features the following top-notch titles: Ramez Naam‘s thought- and action-packed science fiction debut, Nexus, the second enthralling instalment in Anne Lyle‘s Night’s Masque Elizabethan fantasy saga, The Merchant of Dreams, and an omnibus edition of all three volumes of World Fantasy Award-winning author Lavie Tidhar‘s steampunk classic, The Bookman Histories.

What better way to kick-start your

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Happy US/CAN & Ebook Publication Day, Ramez Naam, Anne Lyle and Lavie Tidhar!

Today is US, Canada and ebook publication day for Angry Robot’s January 2013 releases (which will be available in UK bookstores from Thursday January 3rd).

Our January selection features a thrilling science fiction debut, Nexus by Ramez Naam, an intriguing historical fantasy sequel, The Merchant of Dreams by Anne Lyle, and an action-packed omnibus edition of three steampunk classics from a World Fantasy Award-winning author, The Bookman Histories by Lavie Tidhar.

You just know that any (or all!) of the above would make wonderful holiday-season (take your pick) gifts for the avid sf/f/wtf!? readers

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Robot Round-Up, 14.12.12

Hello, hello and welcome to what could, quite possibly, depending on how next week goes, be the last Robot Round-Up of 2012. If that does indeed turn out to be the case then rest assured that our compiler-bots we’ll save everything that comes in between now and the start of January for a bumper holiday season Round-Up early in the New Year. But right now, on with the links!

Nexus by Ramez NaamThe plaudits for

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New Extracts: Nexus, The Merchant of Dreams, The Bookman Histories

It’s free samples time again! Check out these multi-chapter extracts from our three January 2013 releases: near-future science fiction thriller Nexus by Ramez Naam, Elizabethan swashbuckling and skullduggery saga The Merchant of Dreams by Anne Lyle and the three-in-one omnibus edition of the steampunk extravaganza The Bookman Histories by World Fantasy Award winner Lavie Tidhar.

All three books will be on-sale in print in the UK/EU from January 3rd 2013, slightly earlier in the US/CAN, and in ebook from December 18th from all your favourite book retailers.

Click on the widgets below to

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