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Angry Robot at FantasyCon 2017

Listen up, meatbags!

Angry Robot is coming to FantasyCon and we’re ready to party! Who’s with us? You? YOU? How about you in the corner, yeah you, holding all the books. Come and join us!

As usual, if this is your first con, you’re feeling a bit nervous or you just fancy sitting with some friendly faces, we’re more than happy to welcome you into our little gang, so look for the Angry Robot lanyards round our necks and

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Angry Robot

Angry Robot at FantasyCon 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 12.03.33

This weekend the now sold out FantasyCon2015 comes to Nottingham, and as it’s on Angry Robot’s home turf we don’t even have to fire up our teleportation devices to attend!

We have a vast array of UK-based Angry Robot authors coming along to the convention all cleaned, oiled and ready to mingle – we’ve ordered them to be on their best behaviour. If you’d like to say hi then make sure to pop along to one

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Angry Robot, Robot Round-Up

Robot Round-Up, 20.04.12

Yet another week seems to have flown by in a frenzied flurry of furious activity here at Angry Robot’s Evil Lair. London Book Fair probably accounted for a big chunk of the general busy-ness, with Marco, Lee, Amanda and Emlyn all scouting for new meat-suit writing talent to conquer and assimilate. Back at HQ down in the in the deepest, dankest of our diverse dungeons, Darren has been accomplishing the re-vamp and re-launch of our webstore, in its new guise: The Robot Trading Company (he didn’t do the extremely smart and very shiny new logo, though – that was

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Angry Robot

Robot Round-Up, 17.02.12

Oi, you! Yes, you, at the back! Stop fiddling with whatever you’re fiddling with – that’s right, I can see you, put it away – and pay attention. It’s time for this week’s Robot Round-Up!

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmPrint-coverage appeared late last week of Chris F. Holm‘s forthcoming Dead Harvest: SFX Magazine reviewer Eddie Robson said: “the breakneck pace of the narrative, and the world Holm creates, make for a thrillingly brutal ride.” Four stars out of five (and it’s

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Robot Round-Up, 06.01.12

Hello, hello and welcome to the first Robot Round-Up of 2012. And what a lot of rounded-up stuff we’ve got to tell you about this week.

First things first: a reminder that the Angry Robot January eBooks Sale is still very much in effect. Between now and the end of January you’ll be able to pick up more than half our range of titles at half price or less, either direct from the Angry Robot Store (DRM-free ePub) or from your favourite online retailer of electronic literature, in the US, UK and beyond. Grab yourself a bargain while

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