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Reddit AMA – James A Moore

Angry Robot author James A Moore

Exciting news! The king of grimdark, knight of fantasy, honorific of horror and president of podcasts James A Moore will be answering all of your questions in an AMA this Thursday, December 21!

Head on over to r/fantasy to ask Jim anything you’d like, including HOW he writes so many books, WHERE he does all of his scribbling and WHY for such a jolly man he has such a dark,

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AMA: Tim Pratt

Angry Robot author Tim Pratt

Hold onto your mental and spiritual faculties people as Tim Pratt, author of The Wrong Stars is about to do take part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

That’s right, the Locus senior editor, winner of too-many-awards-to-mention and fantasy/sci-fi author will answer almost ANYTHING you ask of him, though probably not *that*, or *THAT* but definitely that.

If you fancy getting in on the fun, head over to r/sciencefiction this

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Angry Robot

Reddit AMA: Foz Meadows

Angry Robot Author Foz MeadowsOur newest robot recruit, Foz Meadows will be over at Reddit’s r/fantasy today, for an AMA session.

For those of you not familiar with the acronym, AMA means ‘ask me anything’ and is a chance for people to ask an author, well anything they can think of, really, so long as it’s within reason.

Foz: “I’m excited to be doing my first AMA today! Whether you want to talk

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