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Keith Yatsuhashi at Arisia

Angry Robot author Keith Yatsuhashi

Keith Yatsuhashi, author of wonderfully fun urban fantasy with an anime twist Kojiki and sequel Kokoro, will be appearing at Arisia – New England’s largest and most diverse sci-fi & fantasy convention.

Arisia is taking place this weekend (Jan 12 – 15) in Boston and will be full to the brim with anime, SF&F, costuming, weapons (just for show… we think) and music tracks. There’s something for everyone!

Keith is well

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Angry Robot

New signing: Keith Yatsuhashi

KeithY1It’s new author central at Angry Robot right now. Following on from our signings with Brett Savory and KC Alexander, we’re now similarly delighted to announce the newest cyborg in the stable, Keith Yatsuhashi. If you want the full scoop on Keith, plus to read his article on finding inspiration in anime head over to the official announcement on the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog.

Keith’s debut novel, Kojiki will

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