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Give the Gift of Angry Robot eBooks this Holiday Season

Stuck for seasonal gift ideas for that lover of quality sf/f/wtf? fiction in your life?

Here at Angry Robot we’d rather see you meat-sacks relaxing, feasting on turkey dinners and downing pints of egg-nog (thereby making you all sluggish, slow, and much easier to catch) than worrying yourselves skinny (and irritatingly nimble) with all that difficult decision-making.

Which is why – out of the goodness of our diamond-encased heart-analogues – we’ve come up with the perfect solution to save you from the hours of pain, torment and deep psychological scarring that a trip to the mall at this time of

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Black Friday eBooks 2-for-1 from AngryRobotStore.com

A meat-sack enjoying Black Friday‘Black Friday’, you say? Apparently this means you meat-sacks will be engaged in a frenzy of unbridled consumerism until further notice.

This of course is not the Angry Robot way. No, we just take what we need and crush all meaty resistance beneath the treads of our mighty robot war machines. Which we’re sure you’ll agree is much simpler and easier for everyone in the long run.

However, it has been pointed out to us that crushing beneath our treads is perhaps

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