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Adam Christopher Signing at Waterstones Macclesfield, Saturday September 15th

Adam Christopher
Come and meet the author, Adam Christopher
Attention, Adam Christopher fans anywhere near the North West of England, or transport links thereto! The author of Empire State and Seven Wonders, will be hanging out at Waterstones, Macclesfield, from 11 a.m. through to about 2 p.m. this coming Saturday, September 15th.

Whilst at the store, Adam will happily sign copies of both his books, as well as representations of the Empire State cover made out of Lego

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Robot Round-Up, 07.09.12

Hello, hello and welcome to another Robot Round-Up from your Angry, metallic chums. It’s been a massive week here at AR towers, with the hugely-anticipated publication of the first books from our YA imprint, Strange Chemistry. Our Amanda-bot has been working her nuts (as in: ‘…and bolts’, obviously) off to get everything ready and now the books are in the wild all she has to do is sit back and bask in the waves of rapturous applause. Oh, and push ahead with the ongoing Strange Chemistry publishing programme of course. Watch the SC space, folks, it’s going to

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Happy UK Publication Day to Lee Battersby, Adam Christopher & Chuck Wendig!

Today is the official publication day for Lee Battersby‘s fantasy debut The Corpse-Rat King, Adam Christopher‘s superhero smackdown Seven Wonders and Chuck Wendig‘s second Miriam Black tale, Mockingbird. Which means that UK residents with a preference for print editions can now sprint down to their favourite high-street bookstore and do the book-buying thing to their heart’s content. Or sit hunched by their letterbox until the postie comes, if they’ve pre-ordered online. (more…)

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Robot Round-Up, 31.08.12

Hello, hello and welcome to another Robot Round-Up. It’s been a quiet week at Angry Robot HQ, what with half the Overlords jetting off to Chicago for Worldcon. But it’s been anything but quiet out in the AR-flavoured reaches of the Interwebs, with plenty of reviewage and interview action going down. Here’s what we’ve spotted this past week: (more…)

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Angry Robot Publication Schedule Update: January to June 2013

Who wants to know what we’re publishing in the first six months of next year? You sir, the discerning fellow at the back of the room? And you madam, the lady of impeccable taste in the front row? And how about you, eager young whippersnapper? Want to know what you’ll be spending your pocket money on next year? You do? Well, of course you do!

Here’s the low-down. Click the links or the book covers (where we’ve got ’em already) for full publication details, plus links to assorted online retailers so you can get those pre-orders in good and early,

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Happy US/CAN & ebook Publication Day, Messrs Battersby, Christopher & Wendig!

Today is US, Canada and ebook publication day for Angry Robot’s September titles (which will be available in UK bookstores from September 6th).

So please join us in wishing a very warm welcome to Lee Battersby‘s fantasy debut The Corpse-Rat King, Adam Christopher‘s superhero smackdown Seven Wonders and Chuck Wendig‘s second Miriam Black tale, Mockingbird.

And what warmer welcome could there be than for you to pick up a copy from your favourite bookstore or online retailer (not forgetting our very own Robot Trading Company for all you discerning, DRM-Free ebook

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Robot Round-Up, 24.08.12

Hello, hello and welcome to another Robot Round-Up. We’re just days away from the US/CAN & Ebook release of three brand new titles: one eagerly-awaited mega-sequel, one likewise hugely-anticipated follow-up and one absolute blinder of a debut, if we do say so ourselves (which we most certainly do). So, let’s get on with the linkapalooza, shall we? Yes, let’s:

Mockingbird, by Chuck WendigChuck Wendig‘s second Miriam Black novel, Mockingbird, is so close now you

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New Extracts: The Corpse-Rat King, Seven Wonders and Mockingbird sample chapters

Our September titles are almost here (so close, you can almost taste ’em), which means that before too long you’ll be able to rush to your favourite bookstore (or click around on your favourite online retailer’s website) and buy multiple copies of The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby, Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher and Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig, then run around handing them out to family and friends like they were toffees.

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Robot Round-Up, 08.06.12

Hello, hello and welcome to another of our regular Robot Round-Up link-a-thons. It’s been a short week here in the Angry Robot UK HQ, thanks to QEII’s diamond jubilee and the associated double bank-holiday. But that hasn’t stopped our authors from doing their thing, nor the massed ranks of reviewers who have been taking a look at an impressive selection of Angry Robot books this week. So, without further ado or digression:

Strangeness and Charm by Mike ShevdonMike Shevdon‘s recently-released Strangeness and

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Free Samples of Every Angry Robot Book

We don’t always blow our own trumpet, so having spent a few, slightly tedious hours on a very hot day assembling the latest batch of samplers of some upcoming Angry Robot titles, we thought it worth reminding all you deeply lovely AR readers that we do, as standard, offer a free excerpt from every single one of our books.

Ebooks, Arrrrrrr!There’s a lot of talk about eBook piracy at the moment. And there are all sorts of reasons. Some of

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