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The Offset

On your eighteenth birthday, one of your parents must die. And you must be the one to decide. Who will you choose?


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Available on September 14, 2021.
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In a dying world, the Offset ceremony has been introduced to counteract and discourage procreation. It is a rule that is simultaneously accepted, celebrated and abhorred. But in this world, survival demands sacrifice so for every birth, there must be a death.

Professor Jac Boltanski is leading Project Salix, a ground-breaking new mission to save the world by replanting radioactive Greenland with genetically-modified willow trees. But things aren’t working out and there are discrepancies in the data. Has someone intervened to sabotage her life’s work?

In the meantime, her daughter Miri, an anti-natalist, has run away from home. Days before their Offset ceremony where one of her mothers must be sentenced to death, she is brought back against her will following a run-in with the law. Which parent will Miri pick to die: the one she loves, or the one she hates who is working to save the world?

“Thrilling, terrifying and beautifully crafted, The Offset is the perfect science-fiction novel for our times. I devoured it.”
– Angela Saini, author of Inferior
The Offset could do for environmentalism what Nineteen Eighty-Four did for socialism and Brave New World did for eugenics.”
– Ken MacLeod, Prometheus and BSFA Award-winning author of The Corporation Wars series
The Offset crushed me. This is an expertly – and starkly – written, well-drawn eco-dystopian novel about the ultimate measure of austerity taken in order to save the planet. There’s so much that was done well here: the world, the science, the societal conflict – but to get into the (possibly carnivorous) weeds would distract from soul of this book. It is a bare-knuckle punch to the heart. Calder Szewczak made me suffer – brilliantly.”
– Chris Panatierauthor of The Phlebotomist
The Offset is a prophetic, urgent, gripping read that throws into question what saving the world really means. A tender warning of a book, lest our efforts become as futile as our tragedies.”
– Natalia Theodoridou, World Fantasy Award Winner and Nebula Finalist
“Calder Szewczak’s The Offset may be a literary first in giving central place to anti-natalism – the view that one ought not to create new people. Other novels, like this one, have depicted a dystopian future in the wake of environmental catastrophe. In Margaret Attwood’s Handmaid’s Tale, the dystopia is pro-natalist. The Offset shows how anti-natalism could also take a dystopian turn. In showing this, it provides a cautionary tale – which, if read correctly, is not that anti-natalism itself is in error, but rather that even views aimed at reducing suffering can increase it if fanatics seize control.”
– David Benatar, World-leading anti-natalist and author of Better Never to Have Been

Calder Szewczak is writing duo Natasha C. Calder and Emma Szewczak, who met while studying at Cambridge. Natasha is a graduate of Clarion West 2018 and her work has previously appeared in The Stinging FlyLackington’s and Curiosities, amongst others. Emma researches contemporary representations of the Holocaust and has published work with T&T Clark and the Paulist Press.

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