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Richards & Klein

From Warhammer 40,000 author Guy Haley, his first original series remastered and collected together in this new omnibus edition!

File UnderScience Fiction [ Detectives Rebooted | Ghost in the Machine | Remurder | Take Two ]

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SKU: AR9780857669308

Meet Richards & Klein – the Holmes and Watson of the 22nd century. Well, if Holmes were an advanced AI obsessed with pulp fiction, and Watson a gun-toting cyborg.

When AI rights activist Zhang Qifang winds up murdered, Richards has to get involved – the man set his kind free after all. What should be a simple case turns out to be anything but, because Qifang has been killed more than once. Someone really wanted him dead.

A deadly trail leads the duo across a warming globe, from New London to Colorado, Sinosiberia and beyond, for the ultimate answers lie in the virtual world of Reality…

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25th May 2021 | 9780857669308 | epub & mobi | £5.99/$7.99/$8.99

US Print

25th May 2021 | 9780857669100 | Trade Paperback | $14.99/$16.99

UK Print

25th May 2021 | 9780857669100 | Paperback | £9.99

“The worlds Haley builds are easy to buy into and the plot is so compelling that it would be hard not to be swept into its pull.”
– Laura Davis, LA Books Examiner

“An entertaining, cyberpunk vision of the near future, delivered with just the right amount of wry humour.”

Guy Haley is the author of over thirty novels and novellas – he’s lost count of the actual number – and so many short stories he never bothered counting in the first place. A prominent member of the Black Library’s Warhammer fiction writing team, he has contributed multiple novels and tales to the millions-selling Horus Heresy series; he is one of the writers on the highly anticipated Siege of Terra, and the lead writer on the epic Dawn of Fire.
His original fiction includes Crash, Champion of Mars, and the Emperor’s Railroad. He is the author of the Gates of the World fantasy series under the name KM McKinley, and was for many years an editor and journalist for SFX, Death Ray, and White Dwarf magazines. He lives in his native Yorkshire with his wife, son and a Malamute called Maximus.

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