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The Rush’s Edge

With the help of his commanding officer, a genetically engineered ex-soldier fights back against the government that created him and others like him to be expendable slaves…

File Under: Science Fiction [ Toy Soldier | On the Brink | Against the Odds | Stars are Crossed ]

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Available on November 10, 2020.
SKU: AR9780857668677
Halvor Cullen, a genetically-engineered and technology implanted ex-solider, doesn’t see himself as a hero. After getting out of the service, all he’s interested in is chasing the adrenaline rush that his body was designed to crave. Hal knows he won’t live long anyway; vat soldiers like him are designed to die early or will be burnt out from relentlessly seeking the rush. His best friend and former CO, Tyce, is determined not to let that happen and distracts him by work salvaging crashed ships in the Edge. But after a new crewmember – hacker-turned-tecker, Vivi – joins their band of misfits, they find a sphere that downloads an alien presence into their ship…
Multiple clashes with the military force Hal and his crew to choose sides. The battle they fight will determine the fate of vats and natural-borns throughout the galaxy. Will they join the movement against the Coalition? What has invaded their ship’s computer? And can there be a real future for a vat with an expiration date?
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10th November 2020 | 9780857668677 | epub & mobi | £4.99/$6.99/$7.99

US Print

10th November 2020 | 9780857668646 | Trade Paperback | $12.99/$15.99

UK Print

10th November 2020 | 9780857668646 | Paperback | £9.99

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“Ginger Smith’s vat-grown protagonist joins the likes of Frodo and Ulysses in this story of a soldier whose war is over, but his greatest battle – coming home – is still ahead. Smith’s debut is rich in detail, full of tension, and packed with characters you won’t easily forget.”
– R.W.W. Greene, author of The Light Years

“Duplicitous military, assassins, super soldiers, alien tech, and a family of brilliant characters caught in the middle. The Rush’s Edge gives you all the Firefly feels with a dash of Mass Effect for the hell of it. Fantastically entertaining.”
– Dan Hanks, author of Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire

“What happens when you release vat-raised soldiers into the void after their service is over? With this premise, Smith sets up multiple conflicts, from political to personal. You will root for these heroes and cringe at the evil that brought them together.”
– Chris Panatier, author of The Phlebotomist

“Ginger Smith’s The Rush’s Edge is an exciting space adventure set in the margins of a galaxy on the verge of war. Bravery, loyalty, found family, and just trying to survive, all drive the hardships and victories of the intrepid crew of the Loshad as they fight battles and uncover truths that will bend the course of humanity’s spacefaring history. Woven alongside complex themes of personhood, mortality, and relationship dynamics, we’re treated to an array of space dogfights, cyborg assassins, and straight-up street brawls to keep the pages turning well past bedtime.”
– John P. Murphy, author of Red Noise

Ginger Smith has worked as a record store employee, freelance writer, bookstore assistant manager and high school teacher of English. In the past, she has played in many tabletop RPG groups and even run several of her own. She collects vintage toys, sci-fi novels and comic books, as well as mid-century furniture. She currently lives in the southern USA with her husband and two cats, spending her free time writing and watching classic film noir and sci-fi movies.

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