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Women disappear from streets, clubs, and rooftops leaving the police dazed and confused. The mystical Soothsayer Task Force must use their special skills to divine the truth and solve the mystery.

File Under: Fantasy [ Bad Omens | Angels & Humans | Apocalypse Now | Big Guns ]

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Available on April 14, 2020.
SKU: AR9780857668509

When detective Mazzy Simantov is called up to investigate the case of a missing girl, little does she know it is linked to a series of other mysterious disappearances of women. She is forced to partner with Yariv, her one-time lover and sometimes-colleague, but as the investigation continues, otherworldly clues begin to appear at the crime scenes, including a black feather unlike that of any bird…

As the clues mount, it becomes clear that an apocalypse is looming, as Heaven’s secret orders threaten to collide in a head-on war that imperils everyone on Earth. Can Mazzy and Yariv come together to save the world from being torn apart?

This is the English translation from the original Hebrew text, translated by Marganit Weinberger-Rotman.


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14th April 2020 | 9780857668509 | epub & mobi | £6.99/$8.99/$10.99

US Print

14th April 2020 | 9780857668387 | Trade Paperback | $12.99/$15.99

UK Print

14th April 2020 | 9780857668387 | Paperback | £9.99

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Simantov is one of those rare books that combines mystery, Jewish lore and wonderful writing. Asaf Ashery can tell a story that keeps you up at night just to find out what happens next, while never wanting the story to end.”
– Keren Landsman, author of The Heart of the Circle

“The most intelligent supernatural thriller ever written in Hebrew”
– Ariana Melamed, Haaretz


Asaf ashery is an Author, editor, academic and screenwriter. He is also a functioning workaholic, an organic vegetable grower and a dog Lover. He lives in a cooperative village in the Jerusalem Mountains with his lovely wife, Yael and two rescue dogs – Mazzy & Bill.

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