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Red Noise

Caught up in a space station turf war between gangs and corrupt law, a lone asteroid miner decides to take them all down.

Cowboy Bebop meets A Fistful of Dollars

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Available on June 9, 2020.
SKU: AR9780857668523

When an asteroid miner comes to Station 35 looking to sell her cargo and get back to the solitude she craves, she gets swept up in a three-way standoff with gangs and crooked cops. Faced with either taking sides or cleaning out the Augean Stables, she breaks out the flamethrower.

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9th June 2019 | 9780857668523 | epub & mobi | £6.99/$8.99/$10.99

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9th June 2019 | 9780857668479 | Trade Paperback | $12.99/$15.99

UK Print

9th June 2019 | 9780857668479 | Paperback | £9.99

John is an engineer and writer living in New Hampshire with his partner and two ridiculously fluffy cats. His previous work, The Liar, was shortlisted for a Nebula Award for Best Novella in 2016. He was a SFWA Director-at-Large until 2018 and is now the Short Fiction Committee Chair. He has a PhD in Engineering and a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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