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The Strange – Myth of the Maker

A computer programmer locked his friends and himself within a limited alternate world to save Earth. But that prison is cracking, and planet-eating horrors of the Strange threaten to spill forth.

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The Strange Book One

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The mind-expanding novel that seeded The Strange RPG, for all fans of inventive science fiction and fantasy.

Carter Morrison didn’t want to kill his friends, or himself, but he had a good reason. It was either them, or the end of all life on the planet: their sacrifice saved the world.

Not that anyone knew it, until Katherine Manners stumbled over a melting man in a computer room clutching a message of doom from another world.

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Cover Art Matt Stawicki

4th April 2017 | 9780857666512 | Epub & Mobi | RRP £6.99 / US$6.99 / CAN $7.99

US Print

4th April 2017 | 9780857666505 | Trade Paperback | RRP US$9.99 CAN$12.50

UK Print

6th April 2017 | 9780857666499 | Paperback | RRP £8.99

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“I had a lot of fun reading this book. There were so many strange and interesting things going on that I kept turning the pages wanting to know more. And there were a couple of twists in the story line that had my toes bouncing because I was giddy with excitement. No surprises were completely out of left field and the story, world and characters are strong throughout the book.”
Purple Owl Reviews

“An entertaining read.”
Strange Alliances

“Intense, complex, realistic, and intelligent, this is a book that manages to entertain and draw you in.”
– Morpheus Tales

Bruce R Cordell is an award-winning writer working as a Senior Designer at Monte Cook Games, where he is an author for The Strange and Numenera roleplaying games. Before that, he wrote for Dungeons & Dragons over four editions and nine novels set in the bestselling Forgotten Realms setting.

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