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Giant Thief

“A fast-paced, witty and original fantasy, reminiscent of Scott Lynch and Fritz Leiber.”
– Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the Shadows of the Apt series

Easie Damasco, thief, has stolen many things in the past, but none as big as the giant, Saltlick.

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The First Tale of Easie Damasco

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Meet Easie Damasco, rogue, thieving swine and total charmer.

Even the wicked can’t rest when a vicious warlord and the force of enslaved giants he commands invade their homeland. Damasco might get away in one piece, but he’s going to need help.

Big time.

Series Tales of Easie Damasco
Publication date
Cover Art Angelo Rinaldi @ Artist Partners

31st January 2012 | 9780857662125 | Epub & Mobi | RRP £5.49 / US$6.99

US Print

31st January 2012 | 9780857662118 | Massmarket Paperback | RRP US$7.99 / CAN$9.99

UK Print

2nd February 2012 | 9780857662101 | Paperback | RRP £8.99

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“I truly believe that this book will be one of the finest débuts of 2012.”
Fantasy Faction

“Fast-paced, quick-witted, engaging; as apt a description of Easie Damasco, reluctant hero, as of the novel itself.”
Juliet E. McKenna, author of The Tales of Einarinn

“Breathless pace… Damasco resembles a landlocked version of Jack Sparrow… The atypical backdrop, self-aware style and downplaying of magics bring to mind the contemporary fantasies of Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie.”
– SFX Magazine

“David Tallerman’s first novel is a gripping yarn, one that is difficult to put down once started, and this reviewer is eagerly awaiting the next tale of Easie Damasco.”
Starburst Magazine

“Best known for an eclectic variety of short stories, Tallerman debuts with a breezy novel of a man with his eye on the prize … Tallerman’s charming, devil-may-care hero has plenty of swashbuckling roguishness to carry him through the planned sequels.”
Publishers Weekly

“If you’re up for a fun, fast-paced adventure featuring rogues, giants and lots of fighting, you won’t want to miss it!”
– Mieneke van der Salm, A Fantastical Librarian

“If you’re in the mood for something fast-paced and entertaining … simply fun, Giant Thief is a great choice.”
– Stefan Raets, Tor.com

“Mostly this novel is about what happens when the wisecracking sidekick unexpectedly becomes the centre of attention. I was supposed to be doing other stuff today, but I opened the file and… the fact that this review is already written and the other stuff is yet to be done says it all.”
– Gill Polack

“This really is a fun read. Saltlick is adorable, I want one! It’s straightforward, linear, smack down the middle fast-paced goodness.”
Fantasy Nibbles

“…a wryly amusing and entertaining read that also proves to be more thought provoking than might originally seem to be the case.”
– J. S. Watts, Morpheus Tales

“Wherever Easie Damasco goes he leaves a trail of destruction and angry people eager to lynch him. Fortunately I felt just the opposite, and I hope this charming lawbreaker will be back for some sequels.”
– Ros Jackson, Warpcore SF

“I’d definitely be interested in seeing what else is written about these characters … Giant Thief shows that Tallerman has a lot of promise as a novelist and I look forward to what he does next.”
Owlcat Mountain

“David Tallerman is not an author with whom I was familiar before reading this book. … I’d be willing to bet his name will become more prominent if he writes more books like this one. I’ll be looking forward to the sequel”
Adventures Fantastic

“…a traditional swashbuckling adventure … fast paced fun with a lot of action”

“Cinematic and cool, Tallerman gives us a fun, fast debut where old fantasy tropes are dusted off and given a newer sheen for a new audience”
My Favourite Books

“A charmingly insincere thief aids a ramshackle rebellion. The plot to steal a meaningful rock is overshadowed by his uncertain redemption. Some loose ends, but overall, an excellent fantasy debut.”

“Tallerman writes with a pace and style that makes the book impossible to put down. Fantasy adventure doesn’t get more exciting than this.”
Morpheus Tales Supplement, issue #16

“This book just reads effortlessly, the prose is simple enough to make the pace electric, but complex enough to convey all the stylings and emotions required to fully flesh out the story.”
– Ryan Lawler, Fantasy Book Review

“This is hands down the best novel of 2012 (save for perhaps the coming sequel; don’t worry, there are no cliffhangers and the novel can stand alone). It is Easie Damasco’s quick wit which will win the heart of the reader.”
The Writing Mind

David Tallerman was born and raised in the northeast of England. A long and confused period of education ended with an MA dissertation on the literary history of seventeenth century witchcraft that somehow incorporated references to both Kate Bush and H P Lovecraft. David currently roams the UK as an itinerant IT Technician-for-hire, applying theories of animism and sympathetic magic to computer repair and taking devoted care of his bonsai tree familiar. Over the last few years, David has been steadily building a reputation for his genre short fiction and increasingly his writing has tended to push and merge genres, and to incorporate influences from his other great loves, comic books and cinema. David's first novel, Giant Thief, will be published in January 2012, with two sequels to follow.

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