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The future is here: every book we publish in your territory over the next 12 months for just £100 / $125 (approximately), including any books re-issued in a different format! See which books are coming up right here.

That smashes the price per book down to less than half price, and every new book we schedule makes them even cheaper! Plus, because we love you, and because you might be coming in part way through a series or two, we’ll give you a one-time coupon for 25% off your whole cart, to help you catch up.

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  • When we receive your order we’ll give you that month’s books straightaway.
  • You can use your 25% off voucher on a single cartload of ebooks, so stack ’em high.
  • On the publication date every month we’ll add the new books to your order and email you to tell you about them. You can download them immediately from your Angry Robot account, and you’ll always be able to download them as often as you like.
  • When you reach the end of the 12 months (including the month you signed up) we’ll give you a nudge to buy another subscription and then it all begins again.
  • And uh, that’s it!


  • DRM-free mobi (Kindle) & epub (B&N Nook, iBooks, Sony, KoboBooks, and Google Play Books) supplied as a zip file.
  • If your reading device requires a different ebook format, the files will need to be converted, which you can do with a free tool like Calibre.



Angry Robot 12 Month Subscription


The Robot Overlord

Publication date

01 Jan 1970

Angry Robot is a global imprint dedicated to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and everything inbetween. Our book line launched in July 2009, with physical books across a wide variety of formats, e-books as standard, and with all frontlist titles as audiobooks from October 2011. British-based but selling worldwide with the help of partners such as Penguin Random House (US/Canada), Nationwide (New Zealand) and Capricorn Link (Australia), our mission is to produce books that appeal to everyone, from post-Dr Who and Xbox fans to long-time genre enthusiasts. We are a part of Watkins Media Ltd, an ever-expanding group of media companies who work with new ways of delivering entertainment to readers, viewers and players. In April 2011, Lauren Beukes‘ novel Zoo City won the Arthur C Clarke Award, the highest honour in British science fiction. October 2011 saw founder and publisher Marc Gascoigne honoured with a World Fantasy Award for Angry Robot. More recently, our authors and/or novels have won the Hugo Award, the Prometheus Award, the Aurealis and Ditmar (Australia), the Sir Julius Vogel Award (NZ) and many more.

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