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The Nemesis Worm

“Guy Haley is a hidden gem of British SF.”
— Paul Cornell

Richards & Klein – the 22nd century’s greatest detectives – return in this thrilling SF murder mystery novella.

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A standalone novella featuring the 22nd century’s greatest detectives, The Nemesis Worm sees Richards & Klein involved in another high stakes investigation. Corpses are showing up all over Old London, and the finger of suspicion points right at Richards himself. Forced to clear his name, Richards and Otto uncover a fanatical group whose actions threaten the relationship between human and AI with destruction.

Series Richards and Klein Investigation
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7th July 2011 | 9780857662415 | epub & mobi | £1.49/$0.99/$0.99

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Praise for the Richards & Klein series

Reality 36 presents fascinating characters in a very believable future.”
– Mike Resnick

“Guy Haley is a hidden gem of British SF.”
— Paul Cornell

“Haley’s wit is both laugh-out-loud and sharp as a sword.”
– John Whitbourn

“It’s an actual glimpse into the future as much as it’s a mystery yarn and an action thriller. Isn’t that what Science Fiction is all about? While Robopocalypse is this year’s hottest robot release … Reality 36 is a superior novel in almost every way.”
– Staffer’s Musings

“Guy Haley is the new author I have been waiting for. It has the intense action of a Neal Asher book, you can almost feel the shockwave of explosions and the impact of blows. Unless you hate fun, stop what you are doing and pick up Reality 36. It’s an action packed book, riddled with armour-piercing wit and incredibly entertaining.”
– I Will Read Books

“It is excellent. I really loved it. Even when I was a couple chapters in I was still sceptical. Then, suddenly, it didn’t matter. I was got used to acronyms, learnt who was who, and was immersed in a gripping storyline that was part Blade Runner, part I, Robotand part Sherlock Holmes.”
– I Wish I Was a Book

“Haley does a brilliant job of bringing these former game characters to life… The worlds Haley builds are easy to buy into and the plot is so compelling that it would be hard not to be swept into its pull.”
– examiner.com

“It feels believable and well thought out. It is a world I would like to learn more of. As you understand by now I really liked Reality 36. It got a fast pace, is humorous in tone, filled with action, combat and robots a great debut. Guy Haley is a writer to watch.”
– Cybermage

“The book is very much a post cyberpunk detective story and one that has been written by an incredibly talented author – this is another Angry Robot publication and boy can they pick their novels!”
– SF Book Reviews

Omega Point is a great sequel, ticking all the right boxes. Guy Haley delivers the same mix of adrenalin pumping action and humor as he did in Reality 36.”
– Erik Lundqvist, I Will Read Books

“So would I recommend this novel? Yes, I most definitely would. It is a very different sort of SF novel, one that speaks to the reader on a whole lot of different levels and has something for everyone, just like its predecessor.”
– Shadowhawk, The Founding Fields

Guy Haley is the author of over thirty novels and novellas – he’s lost count of the actual number – and so many short stories he never bothered counting in the first place. A prominent member of the Black Library’s Warhammer fiction writing team, he has contributed multiple novels and tales to the millions-selling Horus Heresy series; he is one of the writers on the highly anticipated Siege of Terra, and the lead writer on the epic Dawn of Fire.
His original fiction includes Crash, Champion of Mars, and the Emperor’s Railroad. He is the author of the Gates of the World fantasy series under the name KM McKinley, and was for many years an editor and journalist for SFX, Death Ray, and White Dwarf magazines. He lives in his native Yorkshire with his wife, son and a Malamute called Maximus.

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