So, you want to sign up for the Robot Army, do you? Excellent. Just fill in the form below and you’re good to go.

Please N.B. The Robot Army is interested in recruiting bloggers, reviewers, booksellers and librarians. If you don’t meet any of those criteria, but are a genre fiction reader and enthusiast who would like to receive regular publication updates from Angry Robot, please join the Robot Legion newsletter mailing list instead.

We’ll be in touch to arrange to send the med-bots round for a check-up and then schedule your overhaul procedures in due course.

Remember: it’s a droid’s life in the Robot Army.


  1. I’m currently reading and going to review 2 angry robot books and I’m also going to be interviewing one of the authors. I would love to be sent books and all that fun stuff. Loving the books so far,


  2. I review a lot as a matter of fact I’m review an Angry Robot book right now and reviewed Last God Standing by Michael Boatman at the other week. I like reviewing! Send me books!

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