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Proud to be Short

suite101Yes, proud to be short, goshdarnit! (Apologies for the language). It’s true, I’m not the loftiest of individuals – more an R2D2 than a C3PO, but I’m not talking about my stature.

The lovely folk over at Suite101 asked me to write a guest blog about my love of short stories, and as a devourer of short fiction (and a publisher, through Hub Magazine), I was more than happy to oblige. Read the blog entry here.

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Name That Droid

handyvac-marcoThe Angry Robot “Name that Droid” competition has finished, and we will be announcing the winner in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, if you fancy getting a droid named after your good self, why not head on over to

I punched in Marco’s name, and pretty much got his job description thrown back at me, as a result!edox-lee


It even successfully

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Angry Robot Site of the Month

sfsignal-biglogo00We are thrilled – nay, delighted – to announce the first Angry Robot Site of the Month.

The Site of the Month is awarded to the website that fulfils our distinctly random criteria for the month, or one which we just think is plain excellent. Our criteria for choosing is likely to change month-on-month, and is largely dependant on how we feel at the time.

Our first Site of the Month is SF Signal.

An excellent

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Colin Harvey is an Angry Robot

Colin Harvey plays it coolWe’re over the moon to welcome British science fiction writer COLIN HARVEY to our happy but metallic band. The Bristol-based author has signed up with us for two novels, the first of which – WINTER SONG – will be appearing as soon as October this year, with the second to follow in May 2010.

Colin has for some years been an active contributor British small presses and blogs, and he is a regular

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Chris Roberson nominated for Sidewise Award

Book of Secrets - August UK, October USThat headline pretty much says it all. We were delighted to learn that Angry Robot author Chris Roberson has been nominated for the prestigious award for excellence in alternate history, for his fine Chinese-in-space SF novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons. Coincidentally, that book was published by Solaris, Marco’s old stamping ground, and whose new boss, George Mann is also nominated (hey George). The winner will

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J Robert King talks about Angel of Death

jrkIn September this year (UK) and February 2010 (everywhere else) we’re publishing J Robert King’s astonishing new novel, Angel of Death, in which the harvester of souls who cares for the dead of Chicago decides to wander away from the path that has been set out for him, when he is assigned to take the life of a human he has fallen for.

Rob has created a short introduction to the book, which you can see

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We’re feeling loved

angry-robotA lot of people are talking about / blogging about Angry Robot, and our first collection of books, so we’d like to highlight one or two.

Over at The Fiction Desk they’re running a new regular feature covering publisher websites, and their accessibility/useability.

If you do find your way to the site, it’s a pretty good design. The primary feature is the blog, which is a great example of a publisher blog: regular posts with a combination of their

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Kiss My Shiny Metal Axe!

Andy Remic, and friend
Andy Remic, and friend

Since working on the Kell’s Legend books, Remic has taken to creeping around local forests like a modern day Grendel, sporting his huge axe Ilanna (50KG of raw steel), hunting his own food and eating it raw, like a proper fantasy hero should.

The last person to see Remic alive was Trelltongue the Bastard, who subsequently penned a violent sonnet about Remic heading on a mission to track

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Robo-Controller, interviewed

MG, AR's EDWhen Memesis Virtualis asked Angry Robot’s head honcho Marc “Marco” Gascoigne to talk about some of our new titles, he was a little shy, at least at first. He’s always been a bit of an introvert, you see, but the promise of a free Cadbury Wispa and a half of Stella soon brought the bashful little petal out of his shell.

Damn, this is such fun, and to be honest we keep chuckling maniacally as we contemplate all the

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Nekropolis Review (Time Capsule version)

nekropolis-rough30cm-72dpiTim Waggoner’s Nekropolis, as many of you know, was originally published in novella form (as “Necropolis”, with a hero called Matthew Adrion rather than Matt Richter) back in 2004, before being picked up by Angry Robot, and expanded to full novel-length as the first part of a new series.

Bewildering Stories reviewed the original book, and (unsurprisingly) rather liked it, describing is as “a classic” (their italics, not ours).

Tim Waggoner’s book surely features one of the

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Kaaron Warren Interview

seamonkeysIn all the excitement of EasterCon, I forgot to post a link to this excellent interview with our very own Kaaron Warren. It’s a fascinating read, and you’ll get to find out what Kaaron was talking about when she wrote:

“any zombies which come will be so fascinated by the sea monkeys they’ll leave us alone.”

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Please leave a message after the beep…

984475_beer_frostIt’s convention time again, which means that after today there’ll be no-one in the Angry Robot office until after Easter, so if you’re waiting for an email from us, it’s probably going to be after Tuesday 14th.

Marco and I will both be at EasterCon for the entire event, sitting on panels, and sitting on stools. Please come over and say “Hi”.

If you’re an author it’s an absolute categorical truth that we can’t be bought with beer and wine.

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