Robots at large

Robots rrrock

While watching BBC1’s Imagine documentary tv show, on the history of the rock guitar the other night, my mind was severely boggled by a nifty little number from The Tornados, of “Telstar” fame… Robot. Erm yeah, like, swinging daddio.

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Robots on the march pt.1

This coming weekend, the Angry Robot crew will be rampaging down to the sleepy town of Northampton (the UK one). Why? Oh pshaw — it’s only flipping Newcon 4! Along with the mighty Iain Banks, who’ll be bringing his M with him, there’ll be the usual marvellousness from Paul Cornell, Ken McLeod and the crepuscular Storm Constantine, plus a whole heap of further sfnal and fantastical goodness. The venue — the town’s old fishmarket, now an arts

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Push the button!

So yeah, here we are. All a bit new around here at the moment – a lot of Angry Robot is still cellophane-wrapped for your protection. Protection from what, though, we’re not sure yet…

Until we have some books to announce formally, we’re going to use the blog format for our website. That should mean we can rattle away about the various headline topics that come up as we turn Angry Robot from a crazy idea that might just work… into stark, terrifying reality.

A few of our friends have

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