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No More Balloons

341793_popped_balloon_3So, here’s the thing.

We had planned to have a balloon race to celebrate the launch of Emma Newman’s Between Two Thorns next month, with the winner of the race getting a character named after them in the third book in the series – All Is Fair – later this year.

We were all set to go – the balloons were ordered, the helium was booked, the special website was created and ready to go – when we received a few tweets about how bad

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Robot Round-Up 08.01.13

Hello and welcome to our weekly Round-Up of all the Angry Robot themed online activity that’s fit to link out to. Starting with:

Another batch of glowing reviews for Cassandra Rose Clarke‘s rather wonderful The Mad Scientist’s Daughter this week:

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013• Sarah Elizabeth, of Sarah Elizabeth’s Bookshelf said: “I cried on more than one occasion, the story was just so sad in places, but it was

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Status Re-Boot for Angry Robot Lee Harris: ‘Senior Editor’ Level-Up Activated

Robo LeeIt was a dark day in the Angry Robot Fortress of Doom. The greatest robo-minds in the global organisation had gathered, with but one purpose:

“We need to talk about Lee.”

Silence. Grim, quite possibly foreboding silence.

“Er, why?”

“Well… he knows things. Lots of things. Things that, if brought into the harsh light of public scrutiny, could have massive and far-reaching consequences for our mission. We need to decide what to do about him.”

More silence. This time of a more ruminative, speculative kind.

“We could…”


“…promote him?”

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Happy UK Publication Day, Cassandra Rose Clarke and Lee Collins!

Today is the day (oh, happy day!) that all you UK-based readers get the chance to dash down to their favourite bricks-and-mortar bookstore and pick up their copies of our February 2013 releases. That’s if you’re not spending the day waiting eagerly by your letterbox for the arrival of a parcel from your favourite online retailer, of course. Whichever! Both are equally good as far as we’re concerned. Or why not skip the physical and grab the ebook instead? What’s that? You did that last week? Excellent! (And we mean that in a very Mister Burns way indeed…)

Anyhow, here’s

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Robot Round-Up 01.02.13

Hello, hello and welcome to this week’s Robot Round-Up of all the Angry Robot flavoured activity that we’ve spotted out there in the big, wide Internets since this time last week. Lots to tell you about, so without further ado or kerfuffle:

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clarke - Feb 2013Cassandra Rose Clarke‘s newly published tale of loss, love and robots, The Mad Scientist’s Daughter continues to win fans and break hearts in roughly equal

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Ramez Naam’s [email protected] Video

Ramez Naam was invited to Google HQ recently as part of their Google Talks / [email protected] programme. He talked to a group of Google People about many of the ideas behind Nexus, the history of brain-machine interface technology, and asked the question: “would you add Google to your brain?”

If you’re at all interested in trans-humanism, post-humanism, medical technology, neuro-enhancement or just the age-old question of where a science fiction author gets their ideas, you should definitely watch this one:

Rather fascinating stuff. Feel free to share your thoughts via

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Nekropolis – a fan trailer

On our bi-weekly stalk of our authors’ Facebook pages, blogs and Twitter streams, we came across this little gem – a fan-made trailer for Tim Waggoner‘s brilliant urban fantasy Nekropolis. A lot of thought and care went into making this, and we’re duly impressed. It’s quite short, so click on PLAY and have a look.

And for those of you aching for more words from that nice Mr Waggoner, well, we just might have some news for you, soon…

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