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Champagne bottle ready for celebrationA bit of a mammoth post, this morning, but with good reason – Angry Robot officially launched in the UK and Australia today.

Books are out, and selling. Champagne corks have popped, and Supreme Commander Marc Gascoigne bought cake!

It’s less than a year since Marco came onboard to set up the imprint, and six months since I joined him here at The Fortress of Cybernetic Rage. Less than a year

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Seen in the wild

slights-whSee that? Number 57 in the WHSmith Travel charts.

This book wasn’t on the shelves at the weekend, but first thing this morning at York train station, Kaaron Warren‘s astonishing debut novel, Slights, is not only on display, but they only have one copy left!

Pretty good for a book that doesn’t officially launch until the day after tomorrow!

You’ll see Slights and Moxyland in bookshops across the UK and Australia from this week, and there are some good

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Thick and Fast

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualNo, I’m not talking about me, but the rate at which reviews are starting to come in for our first set of books. Next off the starting block – Moxyland by Lauren Beukes.

Moxyland essentially deals with technical progress and how on it’s current track could quite easily result in complete loss of personal freedom, think a very adult version of Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother mixed with Bladerunner, then peppered with “V” for Vendetta and topped off with cyberpunk

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Robot Army Website of the Month

DBIt’s that time again, when we announce our Website of the Month.

Dave Brendon’s Fantasy & SciFi Weblog is a good example of a genre blog.

The design is simple, and although the white/grey on black sometimes prevents the reading experience from being as enjoyable as it could be, there is always a lot of excellent content on the site – author interviews, competitions, news reports and reviews – and this more than makes up for it!

Dave Brendon

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Angry Robot is presented today by the letter “M”

Hide us! Something seriously spooky just happened. Today, the planets all being in the correct alignment, we are announcing the signing of not one, not two, but three authors whose names begin with M. Only our devious Robot overlord master (you know, him, whose name begins with… M! Aye caramba!) knows how the hell that happened, but check this trio out:

maurice-Pensive-webMaurice Broaddus is one of the real good guys, so why the hell his fiction is so terrifying is beyond our

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A week in the life of an Angry Robot

scifinowSciFi Now Magazine – one of the UK’s premier genre titles (also available worldwide) asked me what it is I actually do in the Angry Robot office.

I’m not sure if they were genuinely curious, or if they doubted I did anything other than sip exotic cocktails all day while listening to live jazz played by a quartet of meerkats that live in the corner of the room.

(For the record, that isn’t true – it only happens on Tuesdays).

If – like

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Tips for those new to electronic books

mobilereadlogoWe’ve been quite vocal in our support of the eBook, and so we’ve had quite a few enquiries from eBook virgins, interested in getting involved in this new(ish) medium.

Rather than tell you more about what we think of eBooks and readers (there’ll be plenty of that to come, believe us), we asked those helpful folk over at Mobile Read (in my humble opinion, one of the best sources for eBook and eReader information on the planet) to give us some hints and tips for someone new to eBooks.

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Moxyland – Free sample

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualWe will be offering free sample chapters of all of our titles prior to release.

Our second free sample is Moxyland by Lauren Beukes.
UK/Aus/eBook: 1 July ‘09. US/Canada: 1 October ‘09.

All rights reserved.
However, feel free to share this sample chapter with anyone you wish, or to post it on your own site. And if you like this, buy Lauren’s book. 

You can pre-order Moxyland from for only £5.99!

Free Sample

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The Kindle – This book will change your life

kindleThat’s not our, headline, by the way, but a headline in today’s Independent under which, Michael Bywater gives his verdict on Amazon’s dedicated eBook reader.

Like most eBook afficionados in Not-America, I’m looking forward to seeing this device, but in the meantime I’ve ordered a couple of other eBook devices to quench my literary thirst – I’ll post information about those once I’ve received them, and had a chance to play around with them.

What is clear from

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Moxyland Longlisted for Major Award

lauren-beukes-web1It’s early days, but we’ve just been informed that Lauren Beukes’ superb debut novel, Moxyland, has been longlisted for the South African Sunday Times Fiction Award.

This is the most prestigious literary award in the country, and the fact that a genre novel has been recommended is a testament to the amazing work Lauren has created.

Congratulations on the longlisting, Lauren – we have crossed various digits for luck.

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Open Door

Pitch Perfect by Lee Harris

robottypeSo you’ve just finished writing your novel. Before I go any further, let me stand and applaud you – I have the utmost respect for any writer, new or established, who goes the whole mile and finishes a manuscript of novel length. Even those books that are less than excellent deserve a hearty round of congratulatory cheers for their creators. Finishing a novel is not easy.

Unfortunately, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Once the novel is written, the next phase

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