Angry Robot author Guy Haley


Guy Haley

Guy Haley is the author of over thirty novels and novellas – he’s lost count of the actual number – and so many short stories he never bothered counting in the first place. A prominent member of the Black Library’s Warhammer fiction writing team, he has contributed multiple novels and tales to the millions-selling Horus Heresy series; he is one of the writers on the highly anticipated Siege of Terra, and the lead writer on the epic Dawn of Fire.
His original fiction includes Crash, Champion of Mars, and the Emperor’s Railroad. He is the author of the Gates of the World fantasy series under the name KM McKinley, and was for many years an editor and journalist for SFX, Death Ray, and White Dwarf magazines. He lives in his native Yorkshire with his wife, son and a Malamute called Maximus.


Interview with Sci-Fi Fan Letter (Sept 11)