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Kylie signs with Angry Robot

kylieOh, come now – surely you didn’t think… It’s Kylie Chan, people! Dear me…

According to As If magazine, Kylie’s Dark Heavens trilogy is “packed with Chinese mythology, kick-ass action and sexual tension”.

Already a major success Down Under through HarperCollins’ Voyager imprint (book one is currently on its ninth printing!), the trilogy has proven a hit with fans and critics alike. Published worldwide by Angry Robot from April 2010, the trilogy is a must-have for all fans of urban fantasy, and there’s not a misunderstood vampire in sight, thank god!

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An Interview with Aliette de Bodard

Ms AlietteOver at SF Signal (one of the best online resources for all things SF), they’ve just interviewed Aliette de Bodard.

You’ll know Aliette’s name from the countless number of short stories she has had published the world over in pretty much every magazine or book of note. She also missed out on winning the Campbell Award at the Hugos this year by just three votes, having been nominated on the basis of her

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robottype1No, its not the name of a character from yet another insipid children’s TV show. It stands for National Novel-Writing Month. Although it’s international, rather than national, and the target output is barely a novel, but look – I’ve only just started this post and you’ve got me criticising, already. Yes, it’s your fault.

NaNoWriMo is an annual activity, wherein deluded fools prospective writers the world over, attempt to write a novel in a single month.

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Places and Events that inspired Sixty-One Nails

Most of the action within Mike Shevdon‘s superior urban fantasy, Sixty-One Nails, is set in real places, and the book is centred on an ancient English ceremony that you can attend each year.

Mike has been writing a fascinating series of blog articles over at his site (www.Shevdon.com). You really should go over there and read them – even if you haven’t read the book, they’re excellent travelogue pieces in their own right.

The Queens Remembrancer - c) Mark Cator from Keepers of the Kingdom:</a></figure>        </div>
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Moxyland Short Story Winners

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualOver at the excellent HarperCollins Authonomy website, we ran a short story competition for people to write a short story (up to 3,000 words) based in the world of Lauren BeukesMoxyland.

The winners have just been chosen!

Here’s the official announcement from Lauren, herself. Take it away, Ms B:

A huge thank you for everyone who took the time to write a story inspired by some aspect of

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Dan Abnett signings this weekend

Hit the road, DanLord Abnett of Sandling and his retinue of disreputable jugglers, trollops and assorted scoundrels hits the road this weekend for a brief tour of Scottish climes. The tour was sorted out by our chums over at Games Workshop’s Black Library so most of them will see our Dan scribbling “The Emperor Protects” and similarly stirring epithets over well-licked copies of Horus Rising and the Ravenor Omnibus – and especially Dan’s fabulous

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Robots up yer arse

Lauren Beukes pointed us at this – a pill-sized robot that you swallow, and which then rummages around inside your bottom. Apparently it’s for medical purposes, but what’s the bet that Ann Summers will be stocking a variant in a year or two?

Talking of Ann Summers, Angry Robot’s own Andy Remic was recently interviewed over at Fantasy Book Critic. Bloody good interview, too!

I love weapons of war. I love conflict. My book is about a big ****-off axe man with a big ****-off axe.

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Interviews with some Angry Robot stars

Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event
Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event

On Saturday we held our official UK launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London. Marc Gascoigne and myself were joined by a bunch important people (Angry Robot authors), a bunch of other important people (Liz and Mark from My Favourite Books – watch out for an exclusive Angry Robot competition on their site, soon),

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Aliette and Kaaron on the IROSF

Aliette, gentille AlietteCome on, you know what IROSF means – the Internet Review of Science Fiction of course, a fabulous website full of deep thoughts on our beloved genre and beyond. And yeah, they are extra-fabulous today because they’ve got a couple of Angry Robot-friendly posts for you to check out.

Check out the detailed interview with the awesome Aliette de Bodard. Her alternate-Aztec-fantasy-crime novel Servant of the Underworld (we

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Kaaron Warren interviewed – warning, sneak previews!

Kaaron WarrenOur nastiest and most troubling writer (in a good way, of course), the very lovely Kaaron Warren, is interviewed today by the lovely Temple Library Reviews. Check it out for advance information on her next two Angry Robot titles, Walking the Tree (February 10) and Mistification (June 10), and even a glimmer of the two after that!

We love Kaaron. We adore the fact that her next books aren’t just going to be Slights rehashes.

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Rave reviews round-up

Colin HarveyIt’s Monday morning, and in the AR bunker there’s another raft of rave reviews to catch up on. For starters, the lovely Eric Brown in The Guardian said this about Winter Song by Colin Harvey:

“Harvey paints a grimly convincing portrait of a subsistence existence on the inhospitable world. Harvey’s… novel depicts a fascinating universe of want and plenitude, to which he will hopefully return in future novels.”

[We would link to the whole

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Explore the secret London of Sixty-One Nails

Mike Shevdon outside Strand StationOut from Angry Robot on October 29th, Sixty-One Nails is first of a splendid urban fantasy series that reveals a fantastical side to present-day Britain. But beyond all of the revelations of ancient races that dwell just beyond the corners of our daily lives, the book is also something of a travelogue through the very real secret history of our island.

In this first volume, much of the action takes places

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Our fabulously talented writers, episode 702

Picture 1Not content with being the superlative wordsmith behind such upcoming Angry Robot titles as Vegas Knights and Amortals, the deeply talented Matt Forbeck has just revealed that he has another string to his bow. Just going into US toy stores, from Playmates Toys, is this incredible Star Trek utility belt… which has among its many features a whole bunch of electronically-controlled missions for those wearing it. And you can guess which superstar did all the logic design

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