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A few more snippets of loveliness for you, because we care

Lord Abnett of Englandshire moves into his second week blogging at Babel Clash, and some very fine insights there are, too. A must-read for all would-be authors, whether you want to write original fiction, or tie-in. His most recent blogs are looking at the transition from creating tie-in fiction into being master of his own universe, with the writing of his first original novel, the fabulous Triumff: His Majesty’s Hero:

My own private universe
England, my England

In that second one he even talks

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A few things to help your Friday along

angelofdeath-front-72dpi-actualDazed Rambling have a good write-up of J Robert King’s wonderful Angel of Death.

King manages to handle the characterization of our two main characters expertly. The Angel of Death experiences a lot throughout the novel and changes accordingly and though the change is sometimes radical, it cannot be said that they are unexpected or unwarranted. The same goes with Leland, who is pretty much put through the wringer in the novel and shows it more and more as the novel

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More praise for Gary McMahon

Gary Mc MahonYesterday we announced our latest signing – the not-at-all-scary-but-writes-really-scary-things Gary McMahon. We’d just received a great quote from Stephen Volk about Gary’s debut Angry Robot title, Pretty Little Dead Things, and put it up on Gary’s page. Pop over there in a mo. For now, here it is:

Thomas Usher is a great character treading a twilight world between Manhunter and Most Haunted; conflicted by grief, haunted by blame, a ‘magnet for

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Dan Abnett on Babel Clash

Dan&chairBabel Clash is the lively daily blog for all fans of SF & F (and maybe a bit of WTF if we’re lucky) from the American Borders bookstore chain. Starting today, and for the next two weeks, Dan Abnett is going to be providing some insights into his world(s) – and also into some of the worlds that he writes tie-in fiction for, such as Dr Who and Warhammer.

Along the way he’s also promising some

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Horror finds a home at Angry Robot

Gary Mc MahonSometimes we find authors and wonder how the hell everyone seems to have missed them. Gary McMahon is one such find. It’s not as if he’s been hiding away, either – he can always be found in the bar or on panels at FantasyCon, and other conventions, and is always writing. This man is a dynamo!

We’ve known of Gary for ages, of course, and have enjoyed his short fiction and novellas, so

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Book some time with Lavie

The-Bookman-front-72dpiAs well as being a great storyteller, Lavie Tidhar (author of The Bookman – out now, fact-fans!) is one of the hardest-working bloggers around! In addition to writing guest posts for a whole bunch of other interesting folk, and for his own website, Lavie runs the World SF Blog.

Fan-favourite site io9 recently picked up on a post at the World SF blog, which asks: Why is English the language of SF?

Meanwhile, over at

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The Sacred Precinct – Aliette de Bodard

Today sees the penultimate article written by Aliette de Bodard about the research she has conducted for her new book, Servant of the Underworld. Like the two feature before it, it’ a fascinating insight into the history of the Aztec culture, and it’s has some fabulous illustrations, too.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite for the book itself, how about this review by Candyman:

This book is beautifully written and a pleasure to lose oneself in. I wasn’t familiar with de Bodard before but reading this book has

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Backgrounds to the books

You know, we’re not ones for blowing our own trumpets, except on special occasions, such as when we’re awake and blogging, but I must say, the Angry Robot authors are a brilliant bunch. Funny, smart, interesting, and always worth reading, whether it’s their fiction or their non-fiction.

ServantUnderworld-front-72dTake Aliette de Bodard, for instance. A brilliant novelist, an acclaimed short story writer, and an all round good egg. The second part on her series outlining the truth behind the fiction in

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Paul Cornell chooses Moxyland as one of his Top 3 of 2009

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualYou know Paul Cornell – as well as one of the best writers of Doctor Who, as well as one of Marvel’s more interesting scribes, and as well as being one of the nicest chaps in a profession replete with thoroughly nice people, he’s also a big genre fan, and absolutely devours genre TV, film and literature.

Over at his website today he has named Moxyland (by Lauren Beukes) as one of his Best 3 Reads of 2009:

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Mike Shevdon – Book Signing in Bedford Tomorrow

Sixty-OneNails_front_72dpiMike ShevdonIf you live anywhere near the Bedford area and you’ve been planning to pick up a copy of the superlative Sixty-One Nails (and if not, why not? oh, you have one already? that’s ok, then), Mike Shevdon will be signing at the Bedford branch of Waterstones, on Silver Street, between 10.00am and 3.00pm tomorrow (Saturday, 5th December).

A great book, a thoroughly nice chap,

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Tie-In Books versus Original Novels

Dan Abnett, writing stuffThere’s a great conversation posted over at Jeff Vandermeer’s site between Dan Abnett and fantasy author Mark Charan Newton (whose day job is in the Marketing team for Games Workshop’s Black Library range of Warhammer tie-in novels). As you may know, Dan has published over three dozen novels, though his recent book from Angry Robot – Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero – is his first non tie-in book.

Mark and Dan

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SF Signal interviews Kaaron Warren

Kaaron WarrenAngry Robot’s own Lavie Tidhar (author of The Bookman, his incredible steampunk novel published by Angry Robot in January (UK/Aus) and October (US/Canada)) is the editor of The Apex Book of World SF. SF Signal is running a series of interviews with some of the contributors – it promises to be a great series of interviews!

Today is the turn of Kaaron Warren, author of Slights.

Q: What’s the appeal of speculative

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