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J Robert King on…

As part of getting to know our authors when we first sign them, we ask them a sprinkling of questions. Here’s Rob King‘s reply to…

Do you remember the first real story you ever told?

“Aslan vs Caplaner” was the first story I told on paper, but there were a lot of stories (lies) told orally. When I was five, I came home from kindergarten and got my brother’s hamster, Herman (named after Herman Munster), from his cage. I put the little guy in my sock drawer and got changed out of my school clothes. When I reached into

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Tim Waggoner on…

As part of getting to know our authors when we first sign them, we ask them a sprinkling of questions. Here’s Tim Waggoner‘s reply to…

The biggest influence on your writing?

My greatest influences are the two authors I was reading during my formative years in high school: Stephen King and Piers Anthony. I loved King’s characters, his sense of place, and the way he built suspense. In Anthony’s work, I admired his fast-paced writing style, his almost

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Edge, Soul Stealers and Gary McMahon (that’s SF, Fantasy *and* Horror – we spoil you…)

A nice mini-review of Edge by Thomas Blackthorne (aka John Meaney) at Aleksandra’s Corner:

I liked the characters & the storyline. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel Point.
4.5 of 5

Edge is out in the US and Canada next Tuesday (28th). Wow! Are we already into another month? Time goes so quickly when you’re publishing books as great as this!

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Steampunk Art, the SFX Sci-Fi Awards, and more!

There’s a great interview with Aliette de Bodard at Examiner.com today.

I have a trunk, and it is full of stories that will probably never see the light of day. A lot of them are pretty much broken, to the point where they’d require a complete rewrite if they were to work. The poster child for those is my big fat epic fantasy novel, Phoenix Rising, which is full of embarrassing mistakes I don’t make any more, has a plot shot

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New Angry Robot author: welcome, Jo Anderton!

New Australian author Jo Anderton has signed to Angry Robot for at least two novels in her Veiled Worlds series. The worldwide deal, covering physical books and eBooks, was done by agent Anni Haig-Smith and Angry Robot’s publishing director, Marc Gascoigne. Debris will be published in the autumn of 2011, with direct sequel Suited scheduled to follow in early-to-mid 2012.

Series opener Debris introduces us to Tanyana, leader of a matter-manipulating team. Following an accident,

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Your Monday Morning Roundup

Before the reviews, here’s are a of nice thing that was written about Angry Robot over the weekend:

Angry Robot, along side Pyr, represents the gold standard of what an internet savvy publishers should be. Not only have they embraced the blogosphere with their frequently updated blog, they’ve also organized one of the best virtual street teams, suitably referred to as their Robot Army. I also think every Angry Robot author is on Twitter, which is surprisingly uncommon.

… you will absolutely love at least a few books in their eclectic catalog.

From Stomping on Yeti.

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A few more interesting snippets

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. Before I began reading The Crown of The Blood by Gav Thorpe I had an awful feeling I wasn’t going to enjoy the book… I normally see twists coming from a mile off. Not this one: it was unexpected and perfectly-timed, setting up the next book in the series to begin with some unpleasant questions in need of answering and leaving this novel on one of the best cliff-hangers

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New Author News – Guy Haley

Angry Robot signs debut novelist for a futuristic Sherlock-esque series

Angry Robot has signed new British science fiction author Guy Haley for two books in his Richards and Klein series. The first book in the series will be published by Angry Robot in autumn 2011, in both the UK and USA. The deal includes worldwide physical and eBook rights.

In Reality 36, readers are introduced to investigators Richards and Klein – the Holmes and Watson of the

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Monday Morning Roundup

Well, what a busy week that was!

First of all, congratulations to all this year’s Hugo winners – some damn fine work being recognised, there!

There was also a bit of Angry Robot-related stuff happening around the net over the weekend.

First up, a catch-up with Dark Fiction Review, who have been running an Angry Robot Special this past week, to celebrate our new titles in the UK and US/Canada.

Fancy winning some Angry Robot books?

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The Genesis of Slights

by Kaaron Warren.

Kaaron Warren’s critically-acclaimed – and award-winning – debut novel Slights is arguably the best horror novel of the year. Here, Kaaron tells us about how it all started…

Slights is the story of a young woman who sees the afterlife as a place where anyone she’s ever slighted is waiting in a dark room to take a piece of her.

I wrote it as a short story first but was frustrated trying to cram

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So what’s the Big Idea?

Simple – The Big Idea is a regular,  popular feature at John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, featuring writers, their books, and the ideas behind the words.

This week’s Big Idea feature is on none other than Mike Shevdon’s Sixty-One Nails. UK readers have been able to read and enjoy this for almost a year, of course – next week the US and Canada can do the same.

Here, Mike tells us all about the history of the novel, and the amount of historical research that goes into creating

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Zoo City gets 5 Stars in SFX Magazine

SFX Magazine has just reached issue 200 – subscribers will have their copies already, and it hits the shops next Wednesday. Always a good read, issue 200 promises to be something very special, indeed, which is why we were thrilled when Liz from My Favourite Books told us about the review of Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City in that issue. SFX tells us that it is:

An energetic and imaginative fusion of sci-fi, fantasy and noir

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Lissun and lurn

We do like our podcasts, and we know quite a few of you do, too.

So, just in case you’ve missed them, here’s a list of recent podcasts featuring the Angry Robot crew:

Angry Robot Podcast number 2 – featuring Kaaron Warren and Lauren Beukes

WordPunk podcast – eBooks and eReaders – featuring Lee Harris (of Angry Robot),  Dave Devereux and Emma Davies

Lauren Beukes – Interview at the British Science Fiction

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Meet Dan Abnett next week!

If you’re in the London area (or can travel to it) next Wednesday (25th August), it’s well worth popping into Belgravia, where I will be interviewing multi-million-selling novelist, comic-writer and screenwriter, Dan Abnett for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA).

Dan is a great speaker, and with over 20 years’ experience in the business, he’s always fascinating to listen to.

So, whether you’re a fan of his comic work, his Black Library novels, his TV

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Beukes rocks the BSFA

A fine time was had by all in London last night, when an unusually packed BSFA meet played host to the one and only Lauren Beukes.

Following a day spent shopping, sightseeing and discussing top secret projects with a Certain Big Movie Producer, I’d thought I’d perhaps worn Lauren out. But faced with an attentive crowd hanging on her every word, Lauren rose to the occasion. Following a reading from Zoo City, Lauren was interviewed by blogger

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