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Meet us at FantasyCon

It’s that time of the year, again – FantasyCon is once more upon us.

As ever, Angry Robot will be out in force. If you’re in Brighton this weekend, do pop along and say “Hi.” It’s well-worth attending.

Here’s where we’ll be (other folk will also be on these panels, of course):

Adam Christopher and Lee Harris on the panel Maintaining Your Online Presence

Guy Adams in

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Angry Robot Hour!

Well personally I think we should have one of these every week.. but I’m told this is, for now, a one-off special event for all our Antipodean chums.

If you’re going to Conflux, Australia’s premier SF convention, at the end of the month, be sure to join a trio of our best authors for some metallic fun and games. Out in force and pressing the flesh of all you grateful

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Colin Harvey RIP

It is with a heavy heart that we heard this morning about the death of Colin Harvey. He had a stroke on Monday morning, and did not recover.

I first met Colin at NewCon in Northampton, as I was just starting to get Angry Robot off the ground. We’d got talking about nothing in particular, as you do at SF conventions, but once he’d sniffed out I was not only a possible publisher but also open to

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vN – the future is Robot!

Announcing our second new series this week! Feeling jetlagged yet?

Canadian writer Madeline Ashby has a Master’s degree in Manga and Anime, and writes on such matters for Tor.com and io9 (and soon BoingBoing too!). For her day job, she works as a consultant on future trends in technology. It’s no wonder, then, that her debut novel is a scintillating science fiction epic set in the near-future, where robots and

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Meet our newest signing, Paul S Kemp

Here’s a press release we just sent out to the world:

Million-selling US writer Paul S Kemp is unashamedly a fan of the classic “swords and sorcery” fantasy of Fritz Leiber and Michael Moorcock. Such a passion has fed into his New York Times-bestselling titles for Star Wars and Forgotten Realms. Now he’s created a series of original fantasy novels that bring swords and sorcery right up to date, for us

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Mistification – a rat ate my readers’ notes

Kaaron Warren‘s intriguing third novel Mistification is out in the UK and as an eBook this week, and coming to US stores at the end of the month. As is sometimes our wont, to accompany the launch we asked her for a few short notes on a book to, you know, give readers a little more insight into its origins, inspirations and the delights it promises. Well… this is what she sent us…

• • •

The working title for Mistification was “A Rationale of Stories”, which is one meaning of the word mythology. Marvo learns

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New Angry Robot author – Chris F Holm

We’re so delighted to announce our latest signing. Please welcome Chris F Holm. He’s just been nominated for a prestigious Anthony Award for his crime short story “The Hitter”, but now he’s signed to Angry Robot for a brace of distinctly supernatural urban fantasies, Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye.

Meet Sam Thornton. He’s a Collector – he gathers souls, the souls of the damned. But when

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New Matt Forbeck novel announced: Carpathia!

Yup, another day, another press release… This one bears the extraordinary title of:


The tireless team at Angry Robot have joined forces with author Matt Forbeck for an outrageous re-imagining of the events following the sinking of the SS Titanic in April 1912. Carpathia tells the story of the handful of the survivors of the disaster being rescued by the vessel of that

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Two new fantasy debuts for Angry Robot


Fantasy fiction comes in many forms, as two new signings to Angry Robot attest. The energetic indie [that’s us – Ed] has snapped up two series by British authors who take very different approaches to the genre.

Debut author ANNE LYLE joins the imprint with the Night’s Masque trilogy of Elizabethan fantasies. Explorers have returned from the New World bearing strangely primitive natives – and their uncanny elders, regal beings straight out of the Norse legends who call themselves skraylings. Hired to protect these strangers,

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Welcome Angry Robot’s latest signing – Adam Christopher!

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have pounced upon the debut novel of British-based New Zealander Adam Christopher.

Adam is well-known to many at the heart of the British science fiction community through his strong presence on Twitter, under the nickname @ghostfinder. It was through reading his posts that AR first became aware of him. When we found out he had ambitions to have his debut full-length novels see print we dove at the chance to check them out.

We loved what we read (and we

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Angry Robot Open to Unsolicited Manuscripts – Just 3 weeks to go…

We’re getting a lot of queries about the month of March, when we open our doors to unagented authors, everywhere.

There’s a lot of information about our open door month within our submissions pages. See here for full details. There’s a lot of information, so do take the time to read them.

Submissions guidelines are important. Read them.

Later this month we’ll be telling you all you need to know about how to format your manuscript, where to send

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Peter Crowther signs with Angry Robot

Peter Crowther
Sean Connery or Pete Crowther?

The brains behind the award-winning PS Publishing, Peter Crowther, has signed to Angry Robot for a series of apocalyptic science fiction novels. The Forever Twilight trilogy sees a blinding light engulf the planet. As the light fades to utter darkness, only a handful of survivors remain. That is, until the hordes of vanished humanity begin to return – each one of them changed

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Angry Robot signs Trent Jamieson

Gotta love that headline! Yup, Australian wunderkind Trent Jamieson has become our first vict… signing of 2011. AFter a flurry of delicious emails, he has signed to Angry Robot for a new series of steampunk-tinged fantasy novels. Already attracting rave notices for the really rather brilliant urban fantasy series that started with Death Most Definite, Trent’s latest creation takes us to a dying land of decaying clockwork technology that is being devoured

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Advent Calendar Day 7 & More Un:Bound Video News

Advent Calendar
Today’s Advent Calendar surprise is courtesy of Tim Waggoner (author of Nekropolis and Dead Streets). It may not be the most uplifting Christmas message you’ll read, but it’s certainly one of the most honest!

Un:Bound Video
After a few teething problems, the team at Un:Bound have launched their pilot video magazine, Un:Bound Video Editions. There’s a lot crammed into the half-hour, including a behind-the-scenes at Tor, some author interviews, Alasdair Stuart being kind and mean at the same time, and yours truly, giving the first in a series of publishing tips.

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