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Robot Round-Up, 24.02.12

Is it the weekend already? Phew! So here’s the plan: tomorrow, bright and early, get yourself to a bookstore. Find that great section at the back or up the right side where those extra-lovely books are… and buy some books. Could be ours, could be other peoples’ – but you know you want them, you know you need them. Make them yours, bring them home, job done.

So anyway, you may just have noticed that the damn righteous Dead Harvest

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Computer Scientist Signs Two-Book Deal with Angry Robot

Ramez NaamAngry Robot has signed debut novelist, Ramez Naam for two books in a new science fiction series. The first title – Nexus – will be Angry Robot’s lead title in January 2013, with the sequel, Crux, to follow later in the year.

In the near future, the nano-drug Nexus can link mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there

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Meet us at the SFX Weekender

Once again, we’re out in force at a convention near you!*

This coming weekend, Angry Robot authors and Overlords will be strutting their funky stuff (Oh, no!) to the musical stylings of Mr Craig Charles as well as lounging in various bars and appearing on panels and signing books – you know the drill.

Authors appearing:
Dan Abnett, Adam Christopher, Anne Lyle, Andy Remic, David Tallerman, Lavie Tidhar, Guy Haley and Ian Whates

And the

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The Return of Open Door

Yes, you heard correctly – we’re running another Open Door submission period this year.

Last year we relaxed our submissions guidelines, and opened the door to unagented authors who had written novels they thought would interest us. Throughout March we received an average of 32 submissions a day! And that’s in addition to all the great work we had being submitted through the usual channels!

So far we’ve contracted three authors (a minimum of six books) from that process:

Cassandra Rose Clarke (The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, The Assassin’s Curse)
Lee Collins

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Matthew Hughes shortlisted for the Philip K Dick Award – short stories available

Huge congratulations to Angry Robot author Matthew Hughes! His novel, The Other (published by Underland Press), was recently announced as one of the shortlisted titles for this year’s Philip K Dick Award.

The novel stars one of Matt’s most popular recurring characters – Luff Imbry (Old Earth’s foremost thief).

Luff has been around for a while, and Matt has written a whole bunch of great short stories starring this quite brilliant character, and to celebrate the

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Empire State – London (UK) launch and New York Signing

Empire State by Adam ChristopherAdam Christopher’s Empire State is now out in the US, and launches in the UK this week (Thursday).

Adam will be signing and reading from the novel, and it’s a great chance to meet him and get hold of a copy of one of the most exciting debuts of the year from one of the most exciting debut novelists of the year.

For all you UK peeps:
A reading/signing at Forbidden

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The Obligatory Hugo Award Eligibility Post

It’s that time of year again, when members of the World Science Fiction Society decide on their nominations for the Hugo Awards. If you were a supporting or attending member of Renovation (last year’s WorldCon) or if you sign up as a member of Chicon 7  (this year’s WorldCon) or if you’re a member of LoneStarCon 3 (next year’s WorldCon) you are able to nominate works for this year’s Hugo

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 1: Madeline Ashby

It’s become a bit of an Angry Robot tradition that we celebrate Christmas with a series of guest posts from our authors. This year we’ve invited all those authors who have their first Angry Robot book out next year (note: not necessarily their first book, just the first one with us).

Today we begin our 12 Days of Christmas series. And yes, we know that the 12 Days starts on Christmas Day, but our blog, our rules, so

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The Corpse-Rat King – a New Open Door Acquisition

Another win for the Angry Robot Open Door Month!

We’ve just signed debut novelist, Lee Battersby for two books in a new fantasy series. The first title – The Corpse-Rat King – will be published in the autumn of next year, with the second to follow in 2013. The deal included world English rights in physical and electronic formats.

In the highly imaginative The Corpse-Rat King, readers are introduced to Marius Helles as he plunders the bodies

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Open Door Month – The First Debut Authors

Like most successful publishers, Angry Robot only accepts submissions through literary agencies. Earlier this year, however, we ran a pilot programme to see how many unpublished – but talented – authors there were without representation. During March, we invited all unagented authors to submit completed manuscripts as part of an “Open Door Month”. We received over 990 novels during that period – or 30 per day! That’s a lot of reading!

Today, we are absolutely delighted to announce the first acquisitions to come through that process. Two new authors, each with deal for at least two novels, have now joined

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Scary people at Hallowe’en

Like scary stories? They don’t come much scarier than the ones written by Gary McMahon, along with Adam L G Nevill and David Moody.

These three practitioners of the dark arts will be at Warwick Arts Centre on Monday 31st October from 7.15pm, talking about the nature of horror. Tickets are available from the Warwick Arts Centre website for just £8 per person (£6 concessions).

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Bwahahahahahaaaa!

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Rampant Robots

Here’s your bumper round-up of all things Robot. (Cue annoying dee-dee-diddly-dee news anchor ident sting overlaid with anachronistic sound of typewriters…)

Lovely Aliette de Bodard went deep, deep into the world of Acatl as she discussed the final novel in the Obsidian & Blood trilogy, Master of the House of Darts, with the Faster Times.

Aaand she made this lovely trailer for this latest Acatl novel too. Studio roll VT: