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Boosh! Angry Robot book sharing (for free!) in the UK and Ireland

Due to our history of innovation we’re often contacted by start-up companies in the publishing realm (I love the word “realm”, don’t you? realm, realm, realm…) *ahem* Sometimes these companies bring us pie-in-the-sky ideas, or rehashes of things that exist elsewhere, but sometimes, just sometimes, we hear from someone with a really interesting idea.

Evanidus was one such company.Boosh

Evanidus are in the process of launching a new service called Boosh – it stands for Booshare, and it’s a way to spread the love of an ebook you’ve enjoyed by sharing it

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Introducing the Virtual Book (TM)

We’ve developed a bit of a reputation for innovation over the years, and let us tell you – it’s been hell trying to keep our new project under wraps! We’ve been working on this for over two years, and have had all our suppliers sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect our patents before our new device was ready, but the paperwork has now been filed, and the hardware is out of Beta. The official Press Release will go out to all the trade journals tomorrow, but we thought we’d give our regular readers a sneak preview before we’re inundated

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Angry Robot Facebook Page Update

Just a quick note to say that we’ve re-vamped our Facebook outpost in the past couple of weeks. We used to have a Group, but Facebook decided to change the way Groups were set up (and no-one really seemed sure how Groups worked anyhow) so we decided to go ahead with moving over to our new Angry Robot Fan Page.

Angry Robot's Facebook Page

So, you can now Like us (which, incidentally, is a

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Our fabulously talented writers, episode 702

Picture 1Not content with being the superlative wordsmith behind such upcoming Angry Robot titles as Vegas Knights and Amortals, the deeply talented Matt Forbeck has just revealed that he has another string to his bow. Just going into US toy stores, from Playmates Toys, is this incredible Star Trek utility belt… which has among its many features a whole bunch of electronically-controlled missions for those wearing it. And you can guess which superstar did all the logic

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What a bunch of Twits

To celebrate reaching 500 followers on Twitter, we’re going to have a mini competition. If you’re not already following us on Twitter, please do – we’re @angryrobotbooks.

The Competition
Write a single-tweet short story about a robot – any robot – and Tweet it. The tweet must include @angryrobotbooks so we can see it.

So we can include all our international buddies, the competition will run for 24 hours, after which, a winner will be chosen.

The winner will win… stuff. But, you know – good stuff.

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Some Old Robots

Thanks to Lauren for pointing this out to us. Over at The Old Robots website you can see dozens upon dozens of old robots of all shapes and sizes.

Big Trak (pictured) is my favourite, as I remember wanting one as a child, yet never being allowed it, even though two of my friends did, and all I got was that stinking bike and the Scalextric and the Steve Austin action-man thing with the real bionic eye and the book tokens and the personal computer

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I can’t see it, myself…

All those of us who keep lamenting the fact that we’re not yet living in the future we were promised (where are the jet packs, the food pills, the silver jumpsuits?) can start living in hope again.

A scientist at St Andrews’ University is attempting to develop a way of making invisibility a reality using “geometry, light and a wee bit of magic”.

More details over at BBC News.

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eBooks and eBook Readers

coolerebookWe’re perilously close to being able to tell you a little bit more about our own eBook plans, but in the meantime, head on over to the SFX website where I talk a little about eBooks (and their future) in the first in a short series of blogs about the format.

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Tips for those new to electronic books

mobilereadlogoWe’ve been quite vocal in our support of the eBook, and so we’ve had quite a few enquiries from eBook virgins, interested in getting involved in this new(ish) medium.

Rather than tell you more about what we think of eBooks and readers (there’ll be plenty of that to come, believe us), we asked those helpful folk over at Mobile Read (in my humble opinion, one of the best sources for eBook and eReader information on the planet) to give us some hints and tips for someone new to

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The Kindle – This book will change your life

kindleThat’s not our, headline, by the way, but a headline in today’s Independent under which, Michael Bywater gives his verdict on Amazon’s dedicated eBook reader.

Like most eBook afficionados in Not-America, I’m looking forward to seeing this device, but in the meantime I’ve ordered a couple of other eBook devices to quench my literary thirst – I’ll post information about those once I’ve received them, and had a chance to play around with them.

What is clear from

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