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Welcome to… Quietus

Oh, isn’t today a lovely day for a new book announcement? It’s getting a little colder outside, we’re all starting to close in for the winter and we need a little something to look forward to, once the sun starts to shine on the other side. And that sliver of light, folks, the one you see burning brightly on the other side has a name… Quietus. And it’s hitting shelves in March 2018.

Tristan Palmgren‘s debut novel, which features an anthropologist from another universe visit one of the darkest periods of human history in a bid to learn the cure for the plague sweeping her planet, is a unique take on medieval fiction that will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD. Imagine, if you will The Name of The Rose merging with The Left Hand of Darkness and you’re on your way there.

Now, to whet your whistle further we’ve got the cover, created by the very skilled Dominic Harmon, ready to go NOW and we’re showing it off over at the B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog. Just click the teaser image below to be taken to the full reveal plus a brief post from Tristan – the actual guy who landed the trademark for ‘avuncular’ (we know!!) – on writing a debut novel.


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A Man of Shadows to Russia

A Man of Shadows by Jeff Noon

здравствуйте друзья!

We have great news for all of our Russian fans! Jeff Noon‘s A Man of Shadows is going to be published in Russia by our good friends AST.

While there is no firm released date as of yet we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear. In the meantime please do imagine what wonders AST can do with the cover; we’re hoping for more Escheresque joy, or maybe something slightly pulpy? What would you like to see?

Check out Jeff’s interview with Russian magazine YoungSpace – which mentions AST’s deal – here. If you’re a Russian speaker do keep up with YoungSpace for more announcements about A Man of Shadows and other novels published by AST.

Ваши друзья – роботы

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“Chameleon” – a short film

Eight months ago, Angry Robot author Colin Harvey died of a stroke. We think of him often, and continue to mourn the loss of a great talent, and a greater man.

We were delighted, therefore, when we heard from Sam Lemberg. With the permission of Colin’s widow, he has created a short film based on Colin’s short story, Chameleon.

If you have five minutes free, we wholeheartedly recommend using them to watch this film. A short Q&A with the filmmaker, follows. We think Colin would have been delighted.

A Q&A with Sam Lemberg

AR) Why did you choose to make the film?
SL) Simply to make an entertaining sci-fi film.

What attracted you to this story, particularly?
The premise of the story was so easy to relate to – a husband and wife reuniting.  Everyone who reads it talks about the ending, but the best part really is that the characters feel authentic and, in turn, sell you on this sci-fi world.  The ending is just the cherry on top.

Also, the story lends itself well to a low-budget film adaptation.  It’s dialogue-driven (Colin’s dialogue is superb) and tells a big story with few sets and props.

Can you describe the production process?
We prepped for four weeks and shot for two hectic days.  We were going to shoot in this gritty abandoned space to go for a post-apocalyptic look (as in the short story), but we lost the set days before shooting.  We had to settle for a not-so-gritty warehouse in downtown L.A.  Luckily my crew was resourceful.  For example, the “metal walls” outside the interrogation room are simply two gym lockers we found and flipped around.

Also, due to scheduling conflicts, we were forced to shoot Herb and Emily’s angles on separate days, but we made it work with the help of body doubles.  Finally, we edited for five weeks and I personally did all the CGI and other visual effects work.

Short films often have tiny budgets, but yours looks very professional – how much did it end up costing?
Just under $4,000.  My good friend and cinematographer Andrew Wesman is a genius with a camera – he did an outstanding job lighting and photographing the film, which made it look more expensive than it was.

With the benefit of hindsight, is there anything you would want to change?
I’m satisfied with the film.

What’s next?
Definitely something longer – I’d love to make another movie in the “Chameleon” world.

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BYOR (Bring your own robot)

You know, for a science fiction convention, there has been a distinct lack of robots at WorldCon. Good job, then, that we decided to bring our own.

Angstrom the Angry Robot has had his anger chip removed, though as part of a mad experiment, and we have installed a gigolo chip installed, instead. This is him chatting with author Lauren Beukes at the tremendous Angry Robot party at WorldCon in Montreal last night.

Lauren left the party early, and coincidentally, Angstrom left a discreet 10 minutes later. No insinuations – just sayin’…

We had enormous fun at the party with the robot, and you’ll see a few more clips over the coming weeks. Immense thanks to Steve, who chauffered the robot from his cyber-lair in Toronto, and did a fantastic job helping to keep our guests entertained. Head over to Steve and the robot’s home (they’re just good friends) over at Robot Promotions.

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Beware – the future predicted is almost here!

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualThat’s Toby on the left of the group shot on the cover of Moxyland. He’s a roguish slacker, living off his mother, while streamcasting his daily blog direct from his jacket, made from smartfabric. His jacket is the camera, and it is always on and broadcasting. What a twat.

A great idea? Definitely. Science fiction? Oh, yes. Impossible? Well, not so much… (and very soon not so sci-fi, which is kind of the point of the book).

MIT researchers developed light-detecting fibers that could eventually be woven into a “fabric camera.” Instead of counting on a single lens, the new system would use a web of the fibers as a distributed imaging surface. Imagine a shirt where the entire back is a “camera.”

This isn’t just similar to Toby’s coat, this is Toby’s coat!

Head on over to boingboing for more details. Well, when we link, we like to link to the best!

Also Moxy-related, there’s a great review of the book over at  Stomping on Yeti (They don’t deserve it but that doesn’t make it any less fun).

Moxyland truly is a Jackson Pollack of ideas, rather than of color. The ideas are everywhere; more often than not intermingling in unpredictable but interesting ways. Cell phones for example, become more than communication devices, becoming wallets, game devices, security keys, and even behavior modifiers… Make no mistake; Moxyland is a work of art.

4.5 out of 5

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Her antennae had the cutest curl

robotheartHokus Bloke (aka Neil Gardner, the owner of the UK’s longest-established independent radio company, Ladbroke Productions) is an interesting character. On his personal blog he produces a new poem on a daily basis.

Yesterday, in honour of the Angry Robot launch he gave us “Robot Love” (without, thankfully, any lurid descriptions of hydraulic pump-action appendages).

Meanwhile, talking of appendages, Angry Robot head honco (what is a “honcho”, exactly?) Marc G popped up on Suite 101 talking more street jive about the hottest imprint alive. Oh yes.

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A week in the life of an Angry Robot

scifinowSciFi Now Magazine – one of the UK’s premier genre titles (also available worldwide) asked me what it is I actually do in the Angry Robot office.

I’m not sure if they were genuinely curious, or if they doubted I did anything other than sip exotic cocktails all day while listening to live jazz played by a quartet of meerkats that live in the corner of the room.

(For the record, that isn’t true – it only happens on Tuesdays).

If – like the charming editors at this august periodical – you have any interest in the working week of an Angry Robot Assistant Editor, pick up a copy of SciFi Now at your local newsagent. It doesn’t have any Angry Robot reviews this month, but we still like it. 🙂

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