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Ramez Naam’s Nexus – Screen Rights Acquired by Paramount Pictures

Nexus by Ramez NaamThe news broke on Twitter last night, via and we’re delighted to confirm that it’s all true: the screen rights to Ramez Naam‘s debut sci-fi thriller Nexus have indeed been acquired by the mighty Paramount Pictures.

It’s early days yet, of course, and a rights acquisition doesn’t always mean that a movie will definitely follow… but in this case, the prospects might be more promising. reports that: “The project will

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Competition Time – Remix the Robot!

Announcing! The frankly incredible Remix the Angry Robot Theme Tune contest. Woah lawd yeah!

OK, so first there were our wonderful monthly podcasts, conducted by Mighty Mur Lafferty (no really, that’s her full three-word name – check her passport if you don’t believe us). To help give her broadcasts a proper opening, our Mur commissioned the uncontainable talents of John Anealio to create the Angry Robot theme tune. And lo, toes were tapped most verily and heads they did nod.

Its life-changing twenty-two seconds were enough to lead into whichever of our intrepid authors were braving

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Superb Kell’s Legend promo video by Andy Remic

That Remic chap – not content with writing some of the best SF around, and now moving onto some truly excellent epic fantasy with Kells’s Legend – Book One of the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles*, he’s also now a budding film director!

The following film was written, directed, and stars our dear Mr Remic, and gives a good taste of the flavour of Kell’s Legend, which is launched in the UK and Australia next week. Music by th3 m1ss1ng.

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Slights: the soundtrack

This reposted from Kaaron Warren’s blog, cos we thought it was well worth repeating. Obviously we couldn’t do anything like offer a copy of KW’s next novel, Walking the Tree, to the first person to post a link to this as a mix-tape in our Comments…

When Hollywood calls, I already have the soundtrack to “Slights”, as devised by our High Commissioner to Fiji, Mr James Batley, who hosted the Fiji launch on Wednesday night. Here is his list. Wonderful stuff!

“Stephanie Says” – The Velvet Underground
“Devil in Disguise” – Elvis Presley

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