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One Year as an Angry Robot

Today is my one-year anniversary of joining the Angry Robot team as the North American Sales & Marketing Manager. I came to Angry Robot from a job as a field sales representative, and while the surgical scars from the upgrades have faded, the amazing feeling of being directly in the action, championing authors, and supporting our incredible Random House sales team is fresh every day.

Some highlights from the year:

  • Attending my first WorldCon in Chicago all of three weeks into the job, learning the list on my feet, meeting fans and smart readers, editors Lee Harris and Amanda
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Robots up yer arse

Lauren Beukes pointed us at this – a pill-sized robot that you swallow, and which then rummages around inside your bottom. Apparently it’s for medical purposes, but what’s the bet that Ann Summers will be stocking a variant in a year or two?

Talking of Ann Summers, Angry Robot’s own Andy Remic was recently interviewed over at Fantasy Book Critic. Bloody good interview, too!

I love weapons of war. I love conflict. My book is about a big ****-off axe man with a big ****-off axe.

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Some Old Robots

Thanks to Lauren for pointing this out to us. Over at The Old Robots website you can see dozens upon dozens of old robots of all shapes and sizes.

Big Trak (pictured) is my favourite, as I remember wanting one as a child, yet never being allowed it, even though two of my friends did, and all I got was that stinking bike and the Scalextric and the Steve Austin action-man thing with the real bionic eye and the book tokens and the personal computer I’d

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Her antennae had the cutest curl

robotheartHokus Bloke (aka Neil Gardner, the owner of the UK’s longest-established independent radio company, Ladbroke Productions) is an interesting character. On his personal blog he produces a new poem on a daily basis.

Yesterday, in honour of the Angry Robot launch he gave us “Robot Love” (without, thankfully, any lurid descriptions of hydraulic pump-action appendages).

Meanwhile, talking of appendages, Angry Robot head honco (what is a “honcho”, exactly?) Marc G popped up on Suite 101

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Name That Droid

handyvac-marcoThe Angry Robot “Name that Droid” competition has finished, and we will be announcing the winner in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, if you fancy getting a droid named after your good self, why not head on over to

I punched in Marco’s name, and pretty much got his job description thrown back at me, as a result!edox-lee


It even successfully predicted my

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