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Novacon this weekend

novacon logoSays it all, really. Except to add that:
Novacon is one of the UK’s most venerable SF conventions.

– For years it was held in a truly dismal venue in Walsall, one of the world’s great locations (for fans of urban blight).

– This year it’s moved to Nottingham. To a hotel maybe 400 feet from the Angry Robot offices. Across the road from the official Angry Robot local pub. Our manor, basically.

– (Yes, the rumours

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Interviews with some Angry Robot stars

Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event
Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event

On Saturday we held our official UK launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London. Marc Gascoigne and myself were joined by a bunch important people (Angry Robot authors), a bunch of other important people (Liz and Mark from My Favourite Books – watch out for an exclusive Angry Robot competition on their site, soon),

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Robot Army Invades FantasyCon!

This weekend sees the (frankly quite fabulous) annual FantasyCon, again in the historic city of Nottingham, and Angry Robot will be out in force!

Angry Robot, of course, is based in Nottingham (or, as we’re campaigning to have it renamed, Robottingham), so it was inevitable that the robot commanders Marc Gascoigne and Lee Harris would make an appearance.

A bunch of our authors will also be there, some signing, some reading, all boozing. So, come along and meet Colin Harvey (Winter Song), Andy Remic (Kell’s

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BYOR (Bring your own robot)

You know, for a science fiction convention, there has been a distinct lack of robots at WorldCon. Good job, then, that we decided to bring our own.

Angstrom the Angry Robot has had his anger chip removed, though as part of a mad experiment, and we have installed a gigolo chip installed, instead. This is him chatting with author Lauren Beukes at the tremendous Angry Robot party at WorldCon in Montreal last night.

Lauren left the party early, and coincidentally, Angstrom left a discreet 10 minutes later. No insinuations – just sayin’…

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Montreal Smoked Robot

conventioncenterYes, we’re at Anticipation, the fabulous 2009 Science Fiction Worldcon, held in the convention centre here in the sunny city of Montreal, Canada. The Angry Robot crew are here in force – as well as Lee and yrs trly, we have Kaaron Warren, Lauren Beukes, Colin Harvey and latest signing Aliette de Bodard. And also, it seems, a legion of admiring followers. Thanks to everyone who has made us so welcome here already.

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An author, a publisher and an agent walk into a bar…

Aliette-bw_pic-webFor French writer Aliette de Bodard, it was just  another of those annoying airport delays that plague us all from time to time. But it turned out to be just the break she needed.

Forced to spend an extra day in Canada at Calgary airport on her way back from the World Fantasy Convention last November, she fell in with a couple of cheery Brits. They got talking, and the pair mentioned they were setting up a new

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Neil Gaiman

gaimanNext Thursday Marco and I will be heading off to Montreal for Anticipation – the 67th World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon).

While we’re there, we’re hosting an Angry Robot Launch Party on the Friday night, and at some time between 7.00pm and 8.00pm, the mighty Neil Gaiman will be dropping by to give a little talk to our guests, along with an additional, mystery guest! Believe me, if you’re at WorldCon next weekend, you won’t want to miss this one!

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Robots at large

Today we give thanks to our robot overlords

albert & some loserOn this most special day of all days (apologies to web users outside of the US, but this celebration is not available in your territory), we give thanks to all those pioneering research that may bring the day when we literally embrace our shiny metal masters one bunny hop closer.

What we’ve always wanted — the Shakeutron robot urinal

Creepy, creepy real life robots.

Blah blah blah robot

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Robots at large

Robots rrrock

While watching BBC1’s Imagine documentary tv show, on the history of the rock guitar the other night, my mind was severely boggled by a nifty little number from The Tornados, of “Telstar” fame… Robot. Erm yeah, like, swinging daddio.

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