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Angry Robot, Robot Business – Ongoing Website Maintenance This Week

Can We Fix It..? Yes We Can!A quick FYI / heads-up for our regular ebook customers: we’re running some essential maintenance on our ebook shop at this week, which could carry on into the weekend.

Update Friday 13th – Thank You, yes, we’re aware that due to an unbelievably weird set of circumstances and coincidences (which, let’s face it, could only happen on this particular weekday/date combo) if you go to at the moment, there’s

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Announcing our new Crime fiction imprint, EXHIBIT A!

Your very own Angry Robot is pleased to announce its newest venture – a sister imprint, Exhibit A, which will publish crime genre fiction.

The imprint will launch in late Spring 2013, with two titles appearing in each of the first two months, before settling down to one book each month. Exhibit A will follow AR’s strategy of co-publishing its books simultaneously in both the UK and US, in both paperback and eBook formats, backed up by strong online marketing and community activity.

Exhibit A’s ambition is to become an addictive new home for addictive crime fiction. It will be

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The Return of Open Door

Yes, you heard correctly – we’re running another Open Door submission period this year.

Last year we relaxed our submissions guidelines, and opened the door to unagented authors who had written novels they thought would interest us. Throughout March we received an average of 32 submissions a day! And that’s in addition to all the great work we had being submitted through the usual channels!

So far we’ve contracted three authors (a minimum of six books) from that process:

Cassandra Rose Clarke (The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, The Assassin’s Curse)

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Now recruiting – editor required for brand new Angry Robot imprint

Angry Robot Books has a new and potentially very exciting vacancy. We are looking for a COMMISSIONING EDITOR for a new imprint that will publish crime fiction, including suspense, mysteries and thrillers.

We will be hiring someone with experience of the crime fiction field –although not necessarily someone with a specifically publishing background. Duties will be to source new titles for the imprint, buy them, get them edited and ultimately published in digital and book format, using AR’s existing

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Give the Gift of Angry Robot eBooks this Holiday Season

Stuck for seasonal gift ideas for that lover of quality sf/f/wtf? fiction in your life?

Here at Angry Robot we’d rather see you meat-sacks relaxing, feasting on turkey dinners and downing pints of egg-nog (thereby making you all sluggish, slow, and much easier to catch) than worrying yourselves skinny (and irritatingly nimble) with all that difficult decision-making.

Which is why – out of the goodness of our diamond-encased heart-analogues – we’ve come up with the perfect solution to save you from the hours of pain, torment and deep psychological scarring that a trip to the mall at this time of

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2 Interviews with the Strange Chemistry and Angry Robot Editors

What it says above.

The first is an interview with Amanda Rutter, soon-to-be editor with our new YA imprint, Strange Chemistry. You can find the full interview over at YAtopia.

I would like to see more science fiction oriented submissions. I think we’ve seen a healthy mix of fantasy, horror, dystopia and romance within YA, but where are all the robots and spaceships? If I could introduce more teens, via YA science fiction novels, to fantastic adult authors such as Peter F Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds, I would be more than happy.

The second is with Angry Robot

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Introducing “Strange Chemistry” – our new YA imprint

Sometimes we have news that we want to scream and shout about, but that for various reasons we have to keep hold of. We’ve been planning a Young Adult arm of Angry Robot since the early days, but the stars needed to be in just the right alignment before we could go ahead with it. The right pieces needed to be in place. The time needed to be right. Well, that time has now come.

strange chemistryWe are absolutely

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Meet our Plus One

Today the Angry Robot machine grows one step closer to total world domination.

A few weeks ago we mentioned that we had managed to assimilate Darren Turpin into our mecha-mind. Today that process is complete, and he begins his work as our Digital and Marketing Manager*.

Please join us in welcoming him to the Angry Robot family.


*Possibly Marketing and Digital Manager. Also possibly Manager of Marking Digits (though much less likely) or Manager of Digitising Marcs (hmmmm…)

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Now recruiting – new member of the Angry Robot team wanted

Angry Robot Books – you know, us: the award-winning new publishers of SF, Fantasy and beyond – are expanding. To that end, we have a vacancy for a … well, let’s call it an Ebook & Marketing Manager.

The thing is, no one at Angry Robot just does one thing. We’re not that sort of company. We like multi-taskers who can turn their hand to more than one role. This is essential as we grow

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Angry Robot Launches in the US and Canada today

This will be the first of several posts today, as we’re all so gosh-darned excited here at Angry Robot Towers. You see, today’s the day we launch our first six titles in the USA and Canada, but then you already knew that, as the title of this post gave more than a little clue.

It’s been a fascinating, exciting journey, with one or two minor hiccups along the way, and we’re in a stronger

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Angry Robot’s changes – the FAQ

You may have noticed that we at Angry Robot have recently been a little quieter and more disorganised than usual. This can now all be explained: today, we’re announcing that Angry Robot has left HarperCollins UK, and is now a part of Osprey Publishing Group.

At the same time as we’re posting this news, we’re sending out a formal press release, as is traditional. But we thought you may have further questions, so here are a few

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Press release: Angry Robot Books to Join Osprey Publishing

Leading Non-Fiction Publisher Acquires Specialist Sci-Fi Fiction & Fantasy Imprint

Following an acclaimed first year of publishing, the revolutionary science fiction imprint Angry Robot Books has parted company with HarperCollins UK. It will now run as an independent publishing imprint, with the full backing of niche publishing experts, Osprey Publishing.

Angry Robot will continue to operate from its Nottingham base and with its existing team under Marc Gascoigne, its founder and publisher. Marc said: “With the support of

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Next year’s books

The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar, coming JanuaryYes, I know we’re still only in October, but shops are already putting up their Christmas decorations, and pretty soon we’ll start seeing adverts for Cadbury Creme Eggs again, so I don’t think it’s too early to tell you a little about some of the books we have in store for you at the start of next year (and it’s another excuse to

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