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SciFi Now Magazine

This month’s issue of SciFi Now magazine (issue 38) has just hit the shops in the UK.

SciFi Now have an excellent monthly section called Library. As you would expect, it’s devoted to the written word. One regular mini-feature within Library is The Inside Scoop, where authors talk about their writing process. This month it’s the turn of Kaaron Warren. It’s a short piece, but makes for very interesting reading. You can pick up SciFi Now

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Mass debates on cover art

(Just don’t read that out loud if you’re in polite company).

King's Justice - not in stores till Nov 2010. Sorry.There has been a lot of conversations online recently concerning cover art, and the depiction of black characters as part of the overall design. Angry Robot author Maurice Broaddus has written about it on his blog. Not surprising, as his Knights of Breton Court trilogy for Angry Robot

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A few more snippets of loveliness for you, because we care

Lord Abnett of Englandshire moves into his second week blogging at Babel Clash, and some very fine insights there are, too. A must-read for all would-be authors, whether you want to write original fiction, or tie-in. His most recent blogs are looking at the transition from creating tie-in fiction into being master of his own universe, with the writing of his first original novel, the fabulous Triumff: His Majesty’s Hero:

My own private universe
England, my England

In that second one he even talks

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A few things to help your Friday along

angelofdeath-front-72dpi-actualDazed Rambling have a good write-up of J Robert King’s wonderful Angel of Death.

King manages to handle the characterization of our two main characters expertly. The Angel of Death experiences a lot throughout the novel and changes accordingly and though the change is sometimes radical, it cannot be said that they are unexpected or unwarranted. The same goes with Leland, who is pretty much put through the wringer in the novel and shows it more and more as the novel

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Book some time with Lavie

The-Bookman-front-72dpiAs well as being a great storyteller, Lavie Tidhar (author of The Bookman – out now, fact-fans!) is one of the hardest-working bloggers around! In addition to writing guest posts for a whole bunch of other interesting folk, and for his own website, Lavie runs the World SF Blog.

Fan-favourite site io9 recently picked up on a post at the World SF blog, which asks: Why is English the language of SF?

Meanwhile, over at

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Into the Interzone

IZ225You know, the Angry Robot authors are a clever and talented bunch. Not content with writing some of the finest genre novels around, they’re constantly filling in those odd moments between counting their gold by writing short stories.

Some of those short stories find a home in Interzone – the UK’s longest-running genre fiction magazine. In the current issue (number 225) there are stories by Winter Song author  Colin Harvey (The Killing Streets) and

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The anatomy of a cover

One of our most popular covers to date (and we’ve had a lot of popular covers in our short time on this earth) was Vincent Chong‘s wonderfully-realised cover for Nekropolis (Tim Waggoner).

Vinnie’s just published a guest blog over at Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist in which he discusses the process of creating cover art from commission to conclusion, using Nekropolis as his example.

The first step after being commissioned is to come up with a concept for the cover. Sometimes the client already has a specific idea

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Links Round-up

Some interesting stuff…

In UK stores 1 July 2009

A great review of Slights by the ever-talented Kaaron Warren over at AS If

At its dark heart, this is a novel about families and how they function, or fail to function, after tragedy. Stevie is the broken child who’s never allowed or forced to grow up, skimming through her adult life and relationships without ever really interacting

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Hub Special – Reviews and a Free Short Story

hublogoThis week’s Hub Magazine (issue 104) is an Angry Robot Special, featuring reviews of all our books to date, along with a short story from Angry Robot author, Colin Harvey.

Hub is a weekly free-to-read electronic magazine published by yours truly, and the Angry Robot Special (along with many, many back issues) can be downloaded free of charge from www.HubFiction.com. Hub is published as a PDF and in Mobi Pocket format.

Everyone reckons them kids ran off. I can’t tell no-one the truth, ‘cause they’d think I’m

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Funny and totally disgusting

We love books. You kinda knew that already though, didn’t you? We also read other people’s books (though – shhhh… don’t tell anyone we told you that!)

In Kaaron Warren‘s already-critically-acclaimed debut novel, Slights, she name-checks a few other books, and we’ve just found out that one of these has become available as a free eBook.

Kaaron describes Richard Harland’s The Vicar of Morbing Vyle as “a great novel, really funny and totally disgusting” and you can now download the PDF free of charge from Richard’s site.


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I can’t see it, myself…

All those of us who keep lamenting the fact that we’re not yet living in the future we were promised (where are the jet packs, the food pills, the silver jumpsuits?) can start living in hope again.

A scientist at St Andrews’ University is attempting to develop a way of making invisibility a reality using “geometry, light and a wee bit of magic”.

More details over at BBC News.

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Beware – the future predicted is almost here!

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualThat’s Toby on the left of the group shot on the cover of Moxyland. He’s a roguish slacker, living off his mother, while streamcasting his daily blog direct from his jacket, made from smartfabric. His jacket is the camera, and it is always on and broadcasting. What a twat.

A great idea? Definitely. Science fiction? Oh, yes. Impossible? Well, not so much… (and very soon not so sci-fi, which is kind of the point of the book).

MIT researchers developed light-detecting fibers

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Tips for those new to electronic books

mobilereadlogoWe’ve been quite vocal in our support of the eBook, and so we’ve had quite a few enquiries from eBook virgins, interested in getting involved in this new(ish) medium.

Rather than tell you more about what we think of eBooks and readers (there’ll be plenty of that to come, believe us), we asked those helpful folk over at Mobile Read (in my humble opinion, one of the best sources for eBook and eReader information on the planet) to give us some hints and tips for someone new to eBooks.

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