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No, Zombie Bill – Pretty Little Dead Things isn’t a dating manual!

In totally unrelated news, Gary McMahon – author of this month’s UK horror release – has a guest post over at Andy Remic’s blog, where he talks about one of the most unsettling films he has ever watched.

“A Serbian Film” is the single most nihilistic movie I have ever seen. There’s no sense of hope or redemption anywhere, and every character is

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The Big Idea: Servant of the Underworld

Aliette de Bodard’s fantastical Aztec murder mystery, Servant of the Underworld is currently the focus of John Scalzi’s Big Idea feature at his blog, Whatever.

I picked the Aztecs for a combination of reasons. I wanted a non-Western culture because I’d read far too many medieval fantasies and mysteries and wanted to go further afield. I didn’t know much about Aztec culture at the outset, other than their reputation for bloodthirstiness–which seemed to me a

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Competition – Where on Earth is Aliette going?

From Aliette de Bodard’s website:

So, as some of you might know, I’m leaving for my honeymoon in a bit more than two weeks. The catch is that the BF/H took the matter very much to heart, and that the destination itself is going to remain a complete surprise until the day we board the plane.

As some of you might also know, my first novel, the Aztec noir fantasy Servant of the Underworld, will be released in the

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Last Drink Bird Head Awards

The finalists for the Last Drink Bird Head Awards have just been announced.

The purpose of the awards is to celebrate those in the genre community who enrich us with their time, energy, and words, for causes greater than themselves.

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that our very own Lavie Tidhar* is shortlisted for the International Activism Award. Along with many other fine folk, of course.

The winners will be announced at Capclave in Washington D.C.

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Batmaaaaan, Batmaaaaan, Batmaaaan

OK, this is nothing to do with Angry Robot, but it made me laugh. A lot.

Watch the first video, first (it’s only 8 seconds long). Then see what someone made with it in video number 2. Don’t eat anything at the time – you’ll snort it out of your nose. (With thanks to Alasdair Stuart for telling me about this).

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Salon Futura

There are plenty of good online SF magazines around, and more appear on a regular basis. Most of them disappear again, pretty quickly, but we have high hopes for the latest one to launch – Salon Futura.

Why is this one different? Well, it’s been created by (multi Hugo Award-winning) Cheryl Morgan. Cheryl knows pretty much everyone in the field of literary SF, and as well as being a very respected SF critic and fan, she has a superb track record. Not only will Cheryl be able

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Lauren, Gav, Kaaron, and Mike

The Angry Robot plans for world domination continue apace. Over at Dark Fiction Review, as part of the Angry Robot Special, there’s a special guest blog by Mike Shevdon (author of Sixty-One Nails and The Road to Bedlam) in which Mike talks about the state of the genre, Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City is reviewed, and Kaaron Warren (Slights and Walking the Tree) is interviewed.

First up, Mike Shevdon, on why fantasy makes such great TV:

Because urban

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Buy unique art inspired by Zoo City and help refugee kids in South Africa

Zoo City Bares - click for full-size

With 36 hours to go on the Zoo City Bares charity auction (16 inch tall one-of-a-kind handpainted art toys inspired by Lauren Beukes’ novel, Zoo City – go to www.bidorbuy.co.za and search for “Zoo City Bares” to bid now) we got Lauren to write a blog on how it came about:

I’ve got into a very bad habit as a writer

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The Big Magic Shelf

In our latest guest-blog, genre writer Adam Christopher asks about those shelving units in the bookstore, marked “Science Fiction and Fantasy”. Do we really need them?

I’ll be honest: there’s something bugging me. It’s something that a lot of people seem to like to talk about, to wring hands over, to frown at. A million foreheads creased with worry and chins stroked thoughtfully.

Genre. Categorisation. Classification. Shelving. Who’s going to buy that? Where on Earth would you shelve this? And so on, and so forth. Books that don’t fall neatly

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Cross Genre: Rise to Power

The latest in our ad-hoc series of guest posts comes from Harry Markov, purveyor of fine fruits, and owner of the excellent book blog, Temple Library Reviews. So, take it away, Harry…

Cross Genre: Rise to Power

Hey, it was either this title or “Cross Genre: Literature’s own flamboyant transvestite.” Politically incorrect humor aside, genre has been trending in my thoughts as of late. When Lee asked me to write a post for the Angry Robot Books website, it seemed natural

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So you want to start a book blog…

The latest in our series of guest blogs is from Amanda Rutter. Amanda writes about books for FantasyLiterature.com, and her own blog at FloorToCeilingBooks.com.

So You Want To Start A Book Blog…..?

When I agreed to write a blog post for Angry Robot, Lee Harris suggested possibly writing about starting a book blog. Which I am going to do – but all prefaced by you realising that I TOTALLY fell into the whole affair and feel as though I am

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Click to enlarge (not recommended)

I was talking to some friends last night about fashion disasters, and I recalled my haircut from the late 1980s. In my defence I was a struggling actor back then, and my publicity shots were supposed to be a bit mean and moody. Please feel free to chortle.

How about an altogether sweeter bit of nostalgia? Science fiction writer Philip Palmer has a regular feature on his blog  SFF Song

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Some Monday Linkages

Good morning! How was your weekend?

To kickstart your week we have a couple of Angry Robot linkages:

Over at Pointless Philosophical Asides we learn that:

Although Moxyland is full of racy cutting-edge culture, it’s message is ultimately that of grumpy old men everywhere. The short-view of youth sees only the waves crashing in, while from the long view of decades one begins to see that these have nothing against the power of the tides. Instead of being a

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Interviews, News, Reviews and Pews

Ok, I lied about the pews.

In this month’s SciFi Now magazine, there are features on and by three different Angry Robot authors – Guy Adams talks about how he writes, Maurice Broaddus explains his particular methods of research, and Dan Abnett is quizzed about his forthcoming book, Embedded. Well worth picking up, and in UK newsagents now.

Over at Temple Library Reviews Lauren Beukes is interviewed

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A fabulous interview with Maurice Broaddus

On the Amazon.com blog, Omnivoracious, writer, editor and all-round good egg Jeff Vandermeer interviews Maurice Broaddus, talking about faith, and the ways in which it informs his writing.

It’s a fascinating interview, and well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Amazon.com: Are there forms of fantastical or horror fiction that lend themselves more readily than others to religious issues?

Maurice Broaddus: I think horror naturally lends itself to religious issues. The first question I get asked is how I can

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