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Your Monday Linkages of Joy

It’s been over a week since we’ve shared with you some of the ever-growing lists of positive reviews of Angry Robot books we get to hear about, so for your delight and delectation, here is a small sampling of recent coverage:

First up, A Fiction State of Mind hasn’t actually reviewed any of our titles, yet, but they admit to being fascinated by our lineup, and have listed four of our books as being on their wishlist. Well, Christmas is just around the corner…

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Image of the Day

No, Zombie Bill – Pretty Little Dead Things isn’t a dating manual!

In totally unrelated news, Gary McMahon – author of this month’s UK horror release – has a guest post over at Andy Remic’s blog, where he talks about one of the most unsettling films he has ever watched.

“A Serbian Film” is the single most nihilistic movie I have ever seen. There’s no sense of hope or redemption anywhere, and every character is

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Angry Robot Podcast #4

In this episode we interview Gav Thorpe and Andy Remic, Angry Robot authors who present epic fantasy to our readers. (Apologies for the quality, Andy is on a phone and difficult to hear at times.)

Our contest this month is for a USB drive with both of the books featured in ePub format! Listen to find out how you can win!

Theme song courtesy of John Anealio, find more of his awesome science fiction-themed music at SciFi Songs.

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Podcast Special! Conversation with Kaaron Warren from WorldCon!

Lee and Marco respond to Kaaron Warren's Ditmar award

The latest Angry Robot podcast will be posted soon. In the meantime, here’s an extra treat.

I got to hang out with Kaaron Warren in Melbourne last month. We crashed the SFWA suite and took some of their gin and vodka and talked about the Ditmar-award-winning Slights, dentists, drinking from the Ganges, parenting, and many other things.

Congrats again, Kaaron!

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Tim Waggoner on…

As part of getting to know our authors when we first sign them, we ask them a sprinkling of questions. Here’s Tim Waggoner‘s reply to…

The biggest influence on your writing?

My greatest influences are the two authors I was reading during my formative years in high school: Stephen King and Piers Anthony. I loved King’s characters, his sense of place, and the way he built suspense. In Anthony’s work, I admired his fast-paced writing style, his almost

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Edge, Soul Stealers and Gary McMahon (that’s SF, Fantasy *and* Horror – we spoil you…)

A nice mini-review of Edge by Thomas Blackthorne (aka John Meaney) at Aleksandra’s Corner:

I liked the characters & the storyline. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel Point.
4.5 of 5

Edge is out in the US and Canada next Tuesday (28th). Wow! Are we already into another month? Time goes so quickly when you’re publishing books as great as this!

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Steampunk Art, the SFX Sci-Fi Awards, and more!

There’s a great interview with Aliette de Bodard at today.

I have a trunk, and it is full of stories that will probably never see the light of day. A lot of them are pretty much broken, to the point where they’d require a complete rewrite if they were to work. The poster child for those is my big fat epic fantasy novel, Phoenix Rising, which is full of embarrassing mistakes I don’t make any more, has a plot shot

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Your Monday Morning Roundup

Before the reviews, here’s are a of nice thing that was written about Angry Robot over the weekend:

Angry Robot, along side Pyr, represents the gold standard of what an internet savvy publishers should be. Not only have they embraced the blogosphere with their frequently updated blog, they’ve also organized one of the best virtual street teams, suitably referred to as their Robot Army. I also think every Angry Robot author is on Twitter, which is surprisingly uncommon.

… you will absolutely love at least a few books in their eclectic catalog.

From Stomping on Yeti.

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A few more interesting snippets

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here. Before I began reading The Crown of The Blood by Gav Thorpe I had an awful feeling I wasn’t going to enjoy the book… I normally see twists coming from a mile off. Not this one: it was unexpected and perfectly-timed, setting up the next book in the series to begin with some unpleasant questions in need of answering and leaving this novel on one of the best cliff-hangers

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Monday Morning Roundup

Well, what a busy week that was!

First of all, congratulations to all this year’s Hugo winners – some damn fine work being recognised, there!

There was also a bit of Angry Robot-related stuff happening around the net over the weekend.

First up, a catch-up with Dark Fiction Review, who have been running an Angry Robot Special this past week, to celebrate our new titles in the UK and US/Canada.

Fancy winning some Angry Robot books?

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Lauren, Gav, Kaaron, and Mike

The Angry Robot plans for world domination continue apace. Over at Dark Fiction Review, as part of the Angry Robot Special, there’s a special guest blog by Mike Shevdon (author of Sixty-One Nails and The Road to Bedlam) in which Mike talks about the state of the genre, Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City is reviewed, and Kaaron Warren (Slights and Walking the Tree) is interviewed.

First up, Mike Shevdon, on why fantasy makes such great TV:

Because urban

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Today’s tidbits

Yesterday was a bit of an epic blog-fest for us, so I’ll be cutting down today’s entries to just two, though it was extremely gratifying to see so much enthusiasm around the internet for our US/Canada launch yesterday.

Dark Fiction Review continues their epic Angry Robot special, with an interview with Colin Harvey:

I’m actually quite an optimist, most of the time I think that we’ll muddle through somehow, but it will be despite – rather than

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The Latest Interviews and Reviews

Colin Harvey – author of Winter Song (out today in the US and Canada) tells about his inspirations for the novel in this fascinating interview:

I loved the idea of a man capable of acts of incredible brutality, yet who could write beautiful poetry, who was almost heroically ugly, yet his vitality attracted women. Ragnar (the antagonist in Winter Song) was a fusion of two people I knew, because the sagas don’t attribute emotions or motives,

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Lavie Tidhar, Dan Abnett and @SFXmagazine


Yesterday was a long day, but thoroughly enjoyable. I travelled from York to London and back (a 450 mile round trip) to meet The Bookman author Lavie Tidhar for lunch, on one of his occasional forays to the UK, followed by an evening spend with Dan Abnett Esquire, his lovely wife Nik, and various member of the British Science Fiction Association. I interviewed Dan

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Angry Robot Podcast #2

This month’s episode showcases two of our authors, Lauren Beukes (Moxyland and Zoo City) and Kaaron Warren (Slights). We talk about writing in different genres, political influence on plot, and the power of first person narrative to draw you in or lead you astray.

The figures discussed re: Beukes' Zoo City

Our contest this month is for a build-it-yourself robot from the Meccano Metal Robots collection. Listen to find out how you can win!

Theme song courtesy of John Anealio, find more of his awesome

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