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Walking the Tree – now with free novella!

Angry Robot set its stall out from the very start as an imprint that would be trying different approaches to delivering stories. Over the last year we’ve been fortunate to be in a prime position to take advantage of the surge in eBook editions. Now here’s another idea we’d like to run past you.

Kaaron6-webWhile writing Walking the Tree, ace AR author Kaaron Warren naturally concentrated on her central character, Lillah. But as she explored that woman’s incredible journey around Botanica’s

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Mass debates on cover art

(Just don’t read that out loud if you’re in polite company).

King's Justice - not in stores till Nov 2010. Sorry.There has been a lot of conversations online recently concerning cover art, and the depiction of black characters as part of the overall design. Angry Robot author Maurice Broaddus has written about it on his blog. Not surprising, as his Knights of Breton Court trilogy for Angry

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Books more popular than games on the iPhone?

The Nook, from Barnes and Noble

Earlier on this year I predicted that 2009 would be the Year of the eBook. Indeed, it seems the tipping point is within shouting distance. We have seen a flurry of activity this year, with many new models of eReader hitting the market. Amazon, too, have made their groundbreaking Kindle available overseas for the first time (with a few too

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Interviews with some Angry Robot stars

Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event
Andy Remic at the Angry Robot launch event

On Saturday we held our official UK launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London. Marc Gascoigne and myself were joined by a bunch important people (Angry Robot authors), a bunch of other important people (Liz and Mark from My Favourite Books – watch out for an exclusive Angry Robot competition on their site,

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Sixty-One Nails – Free Sample Chapter

Sixty-OneNails_front_72dpiWe will be offering free sample chapters of all of our titles prior to release, just to show you just how much we love you. It’s amazing there’s so much love to go around, it really is.

All rights reserved.
However, feel free to share these sample chapters with anyone you wish, or to post them on your own site. And if you like them, More →

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Twitter Competition Results

robottype1Two days ago, to celebrate reaching 500 followers on Twitter, we launched a Twitter short story competition. The rules were: Write a single-tweet short story about a robot – any robot – and Tweet it. The tweet must include @angryrobotbooks so we can see it.

Simple, yes? Not so much – just try writing a story in 140 characters or less! Nevertheless, we were inundated with entries! So many, in fact, that we had to have our submissions

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More wise words on eBooks

coolerebookWhile you’re sitting at home or work, waiting for the day we announce our books are available as eBooks (should be ultra soon, now – will update when we have further info), why not sit back and pop on over to the SFX website and read about eBook pricing – why some companies charge the prices they do, and what the costs of producing an eBook are compared to a paperback or hardback. Feel free

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Tips for those new to electronic books

mobilereadlogoWe’ve been quite vocal in our support of the eBook, and so we’ve had quite a few enquiries from eBook virgins, interested in getting involved in this new(ish) medium.

Rather than tell you more about what we think of eBooks and readers (there’ll be plenty of that to come, believe us), we asked those helpful folk over at Mobile Read (in my humble opinion, one of the best sources for eBook and eReader information on the planet) to give us some hints and tips for someone new to

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The Kindle – This book will change your life

kindleThat’s not our, headline, by the way, but a headline in today’s Independent under which, Michael Bywater gives his verdict on Amazon’s dedicated eBook reader.

Like most eBook afficionados in Not-America, I’m looking forward to seeing this device, but in the meantime I’ve ordered a couple of other eBook devices to quench my literary thirst – I’ll post information about those once I’ve received them, and had a chance to play around with them.

What is clear from

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Fiction Crossing Boundaries

spacewoolWe are absolutely delighted to announce our first truly crossover novel. We’re a huge fan of the crossover, and have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you something truly special and innovative. Something that will make other publishers think Why didn’t I think of that?

Novels that cross genre boundaries are not new, but with the release of Perl One (1 December, 2009) we’re not just crossing genres, we’re crossing media! Perl One is a space opera, huge in

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Kaaron Warren – online convention appearance

Kaaron WarrenAs you may have picked up, we adore the writing of Kaaron Warren, to such an extent that we bought three novels from her without so much as a pause for breath. But Kaaron currently lives in Fiji, which is great for her but not so hot for meet’n’greet promotion.

However there’s now a way to find out a lot more about her, with a her upcoming appearance at Flycon 2009 – an online sf/fantasy convention and

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Six words, no more, no less

The concept of Six Word Stories apparently started, or at least gathered a great apocryphal origin, when someone bet Ernest Hemingway he couldn’t tell a story in such a short space. The response of the great man – “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” – still carries a real punch today, where in these times of Twittering and Flash fiction the six worders have made a real comeback.

Check out all the best recent Science Fiction entries, including this cracker from Alan Moore:

Machine. Unexpectedly, I’d invented a time

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