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Black Friday eBooks 2-for-1 from AngryRobotStore.com

A meat-sack enjoying Black Friday‘Black Friday’, you say? Apparently this means you meat-sacks will be engaged in a frenzy of unbridled consumerism until further notice.

This of course is not the Angry Robot way. No, we just take what we need and crush all meaty resistance beneath the treads of our mighty robot war machines. Which we’re sure you’ll agree is much simpler and easier for everyone in the long run.

However, it has been pointed out to us that crushing beneath our treads is perhaps

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Zoo City audiobook

If you’ve not yet read Zoo City by Lauren Beukes in eBook, paperback or limited edition hardback, there’s now another way to enjoy it, courtesy of those fine folk at Brilliance Audio.

There are countless reviews of this multi-award winning book, so here’s what Bull Spec Magazine said of the audio version:

A deservedly highly-praised and award-winning novel has come to audio with a really well-done production… a novel which Publishers Weekly just named as one of the best science fiction and fantasy novels of 2011.

You can hear a sample

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Moxyland and Reality 36 Audiobooks


Look what just arrived in the office – the first Angry Robot audiobooks, courtesy of those fine folk at Brilliance (in our opinion, the best audiobook producers in the world). We’ve had a sneaky listen, and they sound awesome.

Moxyland (read by Nico Evers-Swindell) comes on an MP3 -CD ($14.99) or 7 audio CDs ($29.99) and is 8 hours long.

Reality 36 (read by Michael Page) also comes on an MP3-CD ($14.99)

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Introducing WorldBuilder

Sometimes, when you’ve read a great book you just don’t want the experience to end. We know that many of you are talented creators in your own right – artists, writers, musicians, puppeteers, and so many other things. This is why we designed WorldBuilder.

WorldBuilder is our way of reaching out to the fan creator communities, to invite you to come play in our yard.

We’re not new to the concept, of course. We once ran a short

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Angry Robot Theme Tune Remix – The Results!

Aaaaaaangry Robot, A A A A A A A A Aaaaaangry Robot…

That clever Mr John Anealio and the equally-talented Mr Matt Forbeck are jointly responsible for the Angry Robot theme tune – John for the melody and Matt for the lyric.

Crazy cats that we are, in March we decided to run a competition to create a remix of the tune, and we had loads of entries. Mr Anealio is currently putting together a downloadable album of all the entries (which were uniformly great), but until then we thought you might like to hear the

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Announcing Angry Robot audiobooks!

Yes, it’s big news press release time again! Here’s what we just announced to the publishing world…

Lively British science fiction and fantasy publisher Angry Robot (that’s us!) has signed an exclusive licensing deal with the renowned Brilliance Audio. The US-based company will create and release audio editions of the imprint’s titles, including new releases and selected backlist. Recordings will be available for the retail and library markets on compact discs, MP3-formatted compact discs, and as files for download

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What Are eBooks Worth?

All this month, Shane Jiraiya Cummings is hosting a Grand Conversation on eBooks at his site. He invited me to take part, and as (a) I’m a big eBook devotee, and (b) I’d attend the opening of an out of date jar of lemon curd, I naturally said yes.

So, if you want to read about my views on what eBooks are worth (as opposed to what they cost), head here. If you don’t, don’t click this

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