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The Crown of the Blood – out next Thursday

Yep – it’s almost time for Angry Robot to storm the battlements once more and retake our crown. What better weapon to use to crush our foes and dismantle their war machines, than the start of a new, truly epic fantasy series?

Gav Thorpe‘s The Crown of the Blood is just the book to help us defeat the usurpers and win the hand of the fair maidens that are… oh, it’s only Monday morning, and I think I’ve already

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Lissun and lurn

We do like our podcasts, and we know quite a few of you do, too.

So, just in case you’ve missed them, here’s a list of recent podcasts featuring the Angry Robot crew:

Angry Robot Podcast number 2 – featuring Kaaron Warren and Lauren Beukes

WordPunk podcast – eBooks and eReaders – featuring Lee Harris (of Angry Robot),  Dave Devereux and Emma Davies

Lauren Beukes – Interview at the British Science Fiction

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Meet Dan Abnett next week!

If you’re in the London area (or can travel to it) next Wednesday (25th August), it’s well worth popping into Belgravia, where I will be interviewing multi-million-selling novelist, comic-writer and screenwriter, Dan Abnett for the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA).

Dan is a great speaker, and with over 20 years’ experience in the business, he’s always fascinating to listen to.

So, whether you’re a fan of his comic work, his Black Library novels, his TV

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The Road to Bedlam – free sample (and it’s a biggie)

Mike Shevdon‘s superb urban fantasy Sixty-One Nails was hugely popular when it was published in the UK last autumn. The equally-wonderful sequel – The Road to Bedlam – is published in the UK on September 2nd, but you can whet your appetites with the first few chapters, here – that’s 50-something pages for your reading pleasure.

Oh, and before you sit down to read it, make sure you have a box of tissues to hand – it’s

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The uber-manliness of the manliest of manly men

Surprising as it might seem, I’m not talking about Angry Robot’s publishing director, though the mistake is easily made. The quote above comes from the very first review of Gav Thorpe‘s magnificent epic fantasy, The Crown of the Blood.

I’m impressed by the moral neutrality. Similar to the work of Tom Lloyd, this is a book about warring factions, each of them convinced that they are in the right… To paraphrase (badly), no one has ever

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Zoo City – Free sample chapters

As you know, Lauren Beukes is in the UK next week, visiting various places (see here for details on where you can find her) and you can still pre-order a limited edition hardback of her new novel, Zoo City from Forbidden Planet (though don’t leave it too long, there are only 100 on sale and they’re selling very quickly!)

If you can’t wait until the book is out (and quite frankly, we don’t blame you), how about the first 50 pages to whet your appetite?

Click for full-screen. You can embed the free sample in your own

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FREE Nekropolis short story

I’m a big fan of the short story – anyone who knows me will tell you that. Well, they’ll tell you if you ask them – it’s not the sort of thing that would necessarily be voluntarily offered. Have you seen Lee? He likes short stories, you know. Won’t happen.

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Walking the Tree – now with free novella!

Angry Robot set its stall out from the very start as an imprint that would be trying different approaches to delivering stories. Over the last year we’ve been fortunate to be in a prime position to take advantage of the surge in eBook editions. Now here’s another idea we’d like to run past you.

Kaaron6-webWhile writing Walking the Tree, ace AR author Kaaron Warren naturally concentrated on her central character, Lillah. But as she explored that woman’s incredible journey around Botanica’s

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Links Round-up

Some interesting stuff…

In UK stores 1 July 2009

A great review of Slights by the ever-talented Kaaron Warren over at AS If

At its dark heart, this is a novel about families and how they function, or fail to function, after tragedy. Stevie is the broken child who’s never allowed or forced to grow up, skimming through her adult life and relationships without ever really interacting

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