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More Extracts – The Alchemist of Souls, Omega Point, Costume Not Included

Next month we’re publishing a trio of terrific titles by three awesomely amazing authors and – in a slightly more timely fashion than the last batch – we’ve just uploaded excerpts from all three to our page and added them to the relevant catalogue pages here on the website. But to save you having to go looking for them, here they all are!

The Alchemist of Souls

by Anne Lyle

Night’s Masque, vol I

When Tudor explorers returned from the New World, they brought back a name out of half-forgotten Viking legend: skraylings. Red-sailed ships followed in

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Robot Round-Up, 24.02.12

Is it the weekend already? Phew! So here’s the plan: tomorrow, bright and early, get yourself to a bookstore. Find that great section at the back or up the right side where those extra-lovely books are… and buy some books. Could be ours, could be other peoples’ – but you know you want them, you know you need them. Make them yours, bring them home, job done.

So anyway, you may just have noticed that the damn righteous Dead Harvest

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Computer Scientist Signs Two-Book Deal with Angry Robot

Ramez NaamAngry Robot has signed debut novelist, Ramez Naam for two books in a new science fiction series. The first title – Nexus – will be Angry Robot’s lead title in January 2013, with the sequel, Crux, to follow later in the year.

In the near future, the nano-drug Nexus can link mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there

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SF Crime Twitter Competition – results

Dead Harvest, by Chris F. HolmThis morning we announced a quick Twitter competition for UK readers* – the winners of which would receive a copy of the ARC of Dead Harvest by Chris F Holms. We asked you to come up with an SF title based on an existing crime novel.

There were some great entries (and some not so great). Where there were multiple entries based on the same novel we chose not to

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Giant Thief – it just gets better and better

Giant Thief by David TallermanPlenty of love rolling in for David Tallerman’s energetic debut novel, Giant Thief:

SFX Magazine says:

Breathless pace… Damasco resembles a landlocked version of Jack Sparrow… The atypical backdrop,self-aware style and downplaying of magics bring to mind the contemporary fantasies of Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie.

Meanwhile, Starburst had this to say:

I’m finding it hard to dislike anything about this book. It’s a fun,

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Empire State – London (UK) launch and New York Signing

Empire State by Adam ChristopherAdam Christopher’s Empire State is now out in the US, and launches in the UK this week (Thursday).

Adam will be signing and reading from the novel, and it’s a great chance to meet him and get hold of a copy of one of the most exciting debuts of the year from one of the most exciting debut novelists of the year.

For all you UK peeps:
A reading/signing at Forbidden

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The Corpse-Rat King – a New Open Door Acquisition

Another win for the Angry Robot Open Door Month!

We’ve just signed debut novelist, Lee Battersby for two books in a new fantasy series. The first title – The Corpse-Rat King – will be published in the autumn of next year, with the second to follow in 2013. The deal included world English rights in physical and electronic formats.

In the highly imaginative The Corpse-Rat King, readers are introduced to Marius Helles as he plunders the bodies

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Announcing… Zoo City – the movie!

After some furious behind-the-scenes negotiation, we’re delighted to announce that an option has been taken out on Zoo City. Here’s the press release, direct from the winning production team:



“Beukes’ energetic noir phantasmagoria, the winner of this year’s

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Black Friday eBooks 2-for-1 from

A meat-sack enjoying Black Friday‘Black Friday’, you say? Apparently this means you meat-sacks will be engaged in a frenzy of unbridled consumerism until further notice.

This of course is not the Angry Robot way. No, we just take what we need and crush all meaty resistance beneath the treads of our mighty robot war machines. Which we’re sure you’ll agree is much simpler and easier for everyone in the long run.

However, it has been pointed out to us that crushing beneath our treads is perhaps

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Zoo City audiobook

If you’ve not yet read Zoo City by Lauren Beukes in eBook, paperback or limited edition hardback, there’s now another way to enjoy it, courtesy of those fine folk at Brilliance Audio.

There are countless reviews of this multi-award winning book, so here’s what Bull Spec Magazine said of the audio version:

A deservedly highly-praised and award-winning novel has come to audio with a really well-done production… a novel which Publishers Weekly just named as one of the best science fiction and fantasy novels of 2011.

You can hear a sample

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Open Door Month – The First Debut Authors

Like most successful publishers, Angry Robot only accepts submissions through literary agencies. Earlier this year, however, we ran a pilot programme to see how many unpublished – but talented – authors there were without representation. During March, we invited all unagented authors to submit completed manuscripts as part of an “Open Door Month”. We received over 990 novels during that period – or 30 per day! That’s a lot of reading!

Today, we are absolutely delighted to announce the first acquisitions to come through that process. Two new authors, each with deal for at least two novels, have now joined

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