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Robot Round-Up, 30.11.12

Hello, hello and welcome to this week’s round-up of Angry Roboty goodness from all around the world wide webs. What do we have for you this week? Let’s see…

Nexus by Ramez NaamRamez Naam‘s rather wonderful (if we do say so ourselves) debut science fiction thriller, Nexus was reviewed in great depth by Adam at The Page of Reviews, who said (along with much more): “As a story told from the intersection

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Miriam Black Cosplay?

Chuck Wendig has been getting so many great reviews for his Miriam Black books – Blackbirds was published in May, with the sequel Mockingbird just two months ago.

In a recent review iO9 really enjoyed Mockingbird, but this final sentence caught our eye:

I doubt she’ll ever be the kind of character people cosplay at conventions, but she sticks in your brain all the same.

Well, you know how we can be… Challenge accepted!

We’d like you to send

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Angry Robot to Publish Two Books in Jay Posey’s Duskwalker Cycle series

The Author, Jay PoseyWe’re delighted, delirious and generally chuffed to bits to announce that we have acquired and will be publishing two books by science fiction author Jay Posey.

The books in question are parts one and two of the Duskwalker Cycle – a dark science fiction saga set in a post-apocalyptic America; a dying world where might prevails.

The first instalment, Three, will be published worldwide in Autumn 2013, with the

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Robot Round-Up, 02.11.12

We’ve got a double-dose of Round-Up action for you this week, seeing as we didn’t quite manage to round anything up last week (our regular compiler-unit was sent on a top secret mission into SIBA-held territory on the Thursday night and as a direct consequence of its actions had to spend most of Friday in the repair bays, recuperating). Let’s kick off our fortnight’s worth of reviews, interviews and more with…

The Dead of Winter, by Lee Collins

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Happy Publication Week, Lee Collins!

This week we publish The Dead of Winter, the dark and dangerous weird western debut by Lee Collins, another of our Open Door discovery authors.

Due to a happy quirk of the calendar, both the US/CAN (Today!) and UK/EU (Thursday!) print editions will be available before the week is out, with the ebook edition ready to buy right now from your favourite ebook retailer, which we’d love to think might be our very own Robot Trading Company

Here’s the low-down on the first Cora Oglesby adventure, the sequel to which – She Returns From War

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Robot Round-Up 19.10.12

Hello, hello and welcome to the latest Robot Round-Up, our weekly robo-compendium of Angry Robot flavoured online happenings. A short but sweet selection for you this week, so without further ado:

The Dead of Winter, by Lee CollinsWe’re seeing a steadily rising tide of reviews of Lee Collins‘s weird western debut, The Dead of Winter. Cape Rust, reviewing for Geek Life, said: “Collins has provided us with and entertaining story

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Brace Yourselves – Andy Remic’s Back!

The entire Angry Robot office is today reeling with the news that maniac fantasy author Andy Remic is returning with a brand new series.

Andy RemicThe Iron Wolves is the first of at least two novels set during a time of war and invasion. Riffing on The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven, the novel sees a disparate band of ruffians and renegades being reunited one last time to defend a key stronghold against overwhelming odds. But when they fight as one, the veteran warriors have a

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Robot Round-Up, 05.10.12

Hello, hello and welcome to a bumper, double-sized Robot Round-Up. Most of the AR crew was down at Fantasycon in Brighton last weekend, so we were a tad on the busy side – schmoozing, drinking, pontificating on panels, drinking, selling books, drinking and… well, drinking – so we’ve been saved everything up for a full fortnight’s worth (and then some) of AR linkage action. And here it is!

The Wrong Goodbye, by Chris F. HolmMore →

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Happy US/CAN & ebook Publication Day, Messrs Holm, Tallerman and Broaddus!

Today is US, Canada and ebook publication day for Angry Robot’s October titles (which will be available in UK bookstores from Thursday October 4th).

Our October line-up contains two fantastic sequels and a power-packed three-volume omnibus, in the form of Chris F. Holm‘s second Collector series novel The Wrong Goodbye, David Tallerman‘s second Tale of all-round rascal Easie Damasco, Crown Thief and that aforementioned omnibus edition Maurice Broaddus‘s extraordinary modern-day retelling of the Arthurian myth-cycle, The Knights of Breton Court.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to pick up a

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The Bookman Histories – a puppet’s endorsement.

The Bookman Histories by Lavie Tidhar is published worldwide as an eBook on December 18th ($11.99 / £9.99). It will also be available as a 1,024 page paperback in North America (US$15.99) from that same date, and in the UK from January 3rd, 2013 (£12.99).

The Bookman Histories comprises the three individual volumes:

1. The Bookman – “Simply the best book I’ve read in a long time.” – James P Blaylock
2. Camera Obscura  – “Stuffed to the gills with action and plot.” – The Literary Omnivore
3. The Great Game – “It’s a

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Robot Round-Up, 14.09.12

Hello, hello and welcome to this week’s Robot Round-Up. Our compiler ‘bot lost his Internet connection for an hour this afternoon, just as he was making a start on this write-up. So seeing as he has at least one eye-module on the rapidly-approaching hour of beer o’clock, you’ll have to excuse him if he skips the intro and gets the heck on with it…

The Corpse-Rat King, by Lee BattersbyWe’ve seen a couple

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Happy UK Publication Day to Lee Battersby, Adam Christopher & Chuck Wendig!

Today is the official publication day for Lee Battersby‘s fantasy debut The Corpse-Rat King, Adam Christopher‘s superhero smackdown Seven Wonders and Chuck Wendig‘s second Miriam Black tale, Mockingbird. Which means that UK residents with a preference for print editions can now sprint down to their favourite high-street bookstore and do the book-buying thing to their heart’s content. Or sit hunched by their letterbox until the postie comes, if they’ve pre-ordered online. (more…)

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Strange Chemistry lives!

I wouldn’t claim it’s the longest gestation in history, but I can say that today all the hard work and surprisingly proficient swearing behind the scenes getting everything ready is realised… for our first two Strange Chemistry titles are officially on sale today! (Um, in the USA and Canada, that is, with the official UK date this Thursday… but frankly most UK shops have them out on shelves already, bless ’em.)

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Angry Robot Publication Schedule Update: January to June 2013

Who wants to know what we’re publishing in the first six months of next year? You sir, the discerning fellow at the back of the room? And you madam, the lady of impeccable taste in the front row? And how about you, eager young whippersnapper? Want to know what you’ll be spending your pocket money on next year? You do? Well, of course you do!

Here’s the low-down. Click the links or the book covers (where we’ve got ’em already) for full publication details, plus links to assorted online retailers so you can get those pre-orders in good and early,

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