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Introducing : Clonefiles USA

This past weekend at The World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio, Texas, we announced the launch of Clonefiles in the USA.

Clonefiles is a programme where you buy the paperback from a participating independent bookstore, and get the ebook absolutely free!

This was trialled in the UK last year, and the success of the pilot has encouraged us to do the same in the USA.

It’s also gratifying to see that the giants still follow where Angry Robot innovates… 😀

More details of the US Clonefiles initiative to follow, very soon…

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Meet Angry Robot’s latest female sci-fi writer!

Angry Robot Signs Marianne de Pierres in Two-Book Deal

Angry Robot is thrilled to announce the acquisition of two genre-busting books from Marianne de Pierres.  The World English and Translation rights deal was negotiated by Senior Editor Lee Harris and Curtis Brown’s Tara Wynne. The first of this two-book series, Peacemaker, will be released in May 2014, and the as-yet-untitled sequel will follow in 2015.

 A true crossover, Peacemaker is a cracking combination scifi, fantasy, western, and crime.

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August: Book Birthday Celebrations

We’ve got not one, but two great releases for you this month with a debut from Jay Posey and the third book in the Collector Series by Chris F. Holm! Both are released today in the UK, with the US and ebook having a two-day jumpstart, and with the early reviews we’ve seen, we’re excited for the book-buying public to have their say. Here’s today’s celebratory books:

“The end of a series is such a bittersweet moment with a series as great as this one. Chris said he wanted to end this strong, he ended it Herculean.” Founding Fields

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Robot Round-Up 28.06.13

What a busy few weeks it’s been here at Robot HQ; so busy in fact, that I’ve been shamefully slow since my last Round-Up! But what better to cheer up a rainy Friday (in Nottingham, at least) than a good look back over our recent highlights:

© 2013 Drake Photography HD, New York
© 2013 Drake Photography HD, New York

Let’s start with yesterday’s exciting news that Michael Boatman

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Meet new Angry Robot author, Michael Boatman

© 2013 Drake Photography HD, New York
© 2013 Drake Photography HD, New York

You’ll know Michael Boatman from his work on TV shows such as Spin City, Anger Management, The Good Wife and Gossip Girl. After a lifetime of excelling on-screen, Michael has at last reached the zenith of his professional achievements, and become…

[note to self: insert fanfare image and sound effect here before the blog post goes live

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July ebooks – iD & A Discourse in Steel

iD by Madeline AshbySomewhat frustrating, due to [Censored due to a National Security Issue], combined with an issue with [Redacted], our July books, which should have gone live yesterday, aren’t yet available in North America. Similarly, A Discourse in Steel is not available at Amazon UK (though iD is). These issues are being worked on by a team of highly trained ninja-like administrators, coders and ice-cream vendors, but we don’t yet have a confirmed date of when this will be resolved.


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The Empire of the Blood – Omnibus

Empire of the BloodOn September 24th, Gav Thorpe’s massive fantasy trilogy Empire of the Blood will be published in ebook format worldwide, and in paper format in the US and Canada.

Coming in at a whopping 1,024 pages (!) the volume comprises three novels:

  • * The Crown of the Blood
  • * The Crown of the Conqueror
  • * The Crown of the Usurper

UK (and elsewhere) folk wanting to get their hands on

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Mike Shevdon’s Book Birthday!

Today, we are not only celebrating the British publication of The Eighth Court, but also the The Courts of the Feyre as a whole as Mike Shevdon brings the series to an end. I know, we don’t want to believe it either!

The Courts of the Feyre follows the adventures of Niall Petersen as he uncovers a hidden world of fey magic, strange history and uncanny creatures, and The Eighth Court is the culmination of Mike’s hard work throughout this series. Mike has written a lovely piece about finishing the series over on his site, do check it

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Guest Post: Emma Newman on Voicing her Own Characters

To celebrate today’s launch of Any Other Name, the second in the Split Worlds series, Emma Newman gives us an insight into what life as a narrator is like, but specifically what it’s like for an author to narrate his or her own characters. With praise for Between Two Thorns recently coming from The Guardian describing Emma as “J. K. Rowling meets Georgette Heyer”, we’re even more excited than normal for this fantastic release. 

Not only that, but Emma is running a competition to win the audio book of Any Other Name, details here:

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A third Angry Robot book for Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam Following the stella success of Ramez Naam‘s Nexus, we are delighted to announce the acquisition of the third book in the series for the man touted as Michael Crichton’s successor.

The as-yet unnamed book is the follow-up to 2013’s Nexus and Crux, and will be published in late 2014.

The deal, which is for worldwide English and translation rights, was agreed between Angry Robot Senior Editor Lee Harris and Lucienne Diver of

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Chuck Wendig signs on for two more books!

Chuck WendigWe can’t get enough of that Mr Wendig, here at Angry Robot, which is why we refused to unlock his writing cell door, despite previous assurances to the contrary. He’s just going to have to write more for us! Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa!


Aaaaanyway. Chuck has graciously agreed to write another couple of books for us (bringing the current total to six!), beginning with Bloody Brides – the sequel to The Blue Blazes (out next Tuesday in eBook worldwide, and in paperback in

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Support your local indie bookstore

Image courtesy of Aleksa D at
Image courtesy of Aleksa D at

We love chain bookstores, online bookstores, secondhand bookstores, bookstores that double up as coffee stores, bookstores with stationery in them, bookstores with DVDs in them, and bookstores with just books in them. Anywhere that sells books is a place we like to be.

As well as supporting the major High Street and online stores we have an ongoing

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