We Sold Out

Slights - in UK stores 1 July 09moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualNo, not to “The Man”. We couriered a whole bunch of Moxyland and Slights to WorldCon, and Chapters (Canadian bookseller extraordinaire) sold out within days!

Now, if you’re in the US or Canada and want a copy of either book (or any of

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Book of Secrets review

Book of SecretsStill wondering whether to pick up Chris Roberson‘s wonderful Book of Secrets? Well, wonder no more. Liz de Jager from My Favourite Books has read it, and thinks it’s the bees knees, the cat’s whiskers, the dog’s boll…


Perhaps I’ll just let Liz tell it…

I love thrillers and action adventure novels and quest novels and I dislike people messing around with the genre for the heck of it… I was therefore

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Nekropolis trailer

Don’t forget – Tim Waggoner‘s superb Nekropolis is out now from all good bookshops in the UK and Australia! You can also order a copy online from for only £5.99!

While you’re waiting for the book to arrive, whet your appetite with this trailer, narrated by the mighty Tim, himself!

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Two more signings

Publisher possibly “out of his mind”

Last month Angry Robot overlord Marc Gascoigne announced the signing of not one, not two, but three new authors to our list who … well, OK, we admit it, who all had names beginning with M. Yes, it was all just a spooky coincidence but a bit of fun, so yeah, we ran with it.

Today, he now claims, he’s signed two authors whose names begin with G. Ah. Surely MG is just messing with our minds now. What is this, some kind of

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A pig of a week

bookofmonthWell, you may have noticed a distinct reduction in the amount of posts, lately, as I had to take time off to look after various family members who had undergone operations, or (in the case of my 5 year-old daughter) suffered through a thoroughly depressing bout of swine flu!

Today, therefore, was my first day of freedom! Back to work with a vengeance, and able to leave the house at lunchtime to grab a quick snack away from formerly sick

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Weekend Reviews, and stuff.

Well, another great few days for reviews – if this keeps up, we’ll have to start considering dropping the “Angry” from Angry Robot;  maybe upgrade it temporarily to Slightly Miffed Robot – our equivalent of defcon 3.

Moxyland-frontFirst off the block, a review of Moxyland from Not Free SF Reader:

A rich kid that is an independent media producer, a walking corporate advertisement addicted photographer, a street activist, and a corporate programmer with subversive sympathies. All of whom

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Seen in the wild

slights-whSee that? Number 57 in the WHSmith Travel charts.

This book wasn’t on the shelves at the weekend, but first thing this morning at York train station, Kaaron Warren‘s astonishing debut novel, Slights, is not only on display, but they only have one copy left!

Pretty good for a book that doesn’t officially launch until the day after tomorrow!

You’ll see Slights and Moxyland in bookshops across the UK and Australia from this week, and there

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Thick and Fast

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualNo, I’m not talking about me, but the rate at which reviews are starting to come in for our first set of books. Next off the starting block – Moxyland by Lauren Beukes.

Moxyland essentially deals with technical progress and how on it’s current track could quite easily result in complete loss of personal freedom, think a very adult version of Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother mixed with Bladerunner, then peppered with “V” for Vendetta and topped off with

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The Kindle – This book will change your life

kindleThat’s not our, headline, by the way, but a headline in today’s Independent under which, Michael Bywater gives his verdict on Amazon’s dedicated eBook reader.

Like most eBook afficionados in Not-America, I’m looking forward to seeing this device, but in the meantime I’ve ordered a couple of other eBook devices to quench my literary thirst – I’ll post information about those once I’ve received them, and had a chance to play around with them.

What is clear from

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Moxyland Longlisted for Major Award

lauren-beukes-web1It’s early days, but we’ve just been informed that Lauren Beukes’ superb debut novel, Moxyland, has been longlisted for the South African Sunday Times Fiction Award.

This is the most prestigious literary award in the country, and the fact that a genre novel has been recommended is a testament to the amazing work Lauren has created.

Congratulations on the longlisting, Lauren – we have crossed various digits for luck.

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Oh, what a quote!

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualSometimes we send our books to other authors we think might like them. Often, we ask for a quote for the book. Occasionally we get a quote back that is just so perfect, from just the right person, we wonder if that person was taking a peek inside our heads when they wrote it.

The mighty Charlie Stross has this (and much else) to say about our very own Moxyland:

the larval form of a new kind of SF munching its

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