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Download ‘The Uploaded’ for $1.99/99p!

The internet may be a collective of uploaded human consciousness, or it might be a great place for book deals! For the 22nd March only on BookBub you can download The Uploaded by Ferrett Steinmetz for $1.99 USD, AUS, CAD, and £0.99 GBP.

In a world led by the minds of those uploaded moments before death people wait around for their own opportunity to die, but not everyone is satisfied with wasting their

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BookBub, Daily Deal, Price Promotion

Discount Fare for ‘Skyfarer’ on Bookbub Today

Skyfarer by Joseph BrasseyFor the 12th March only Skyfarer by Joseph Brassey is available for $1.99 AUS, CAD, $0.99 USD and £0.99 GBP at BookBub

When trainee sorceress Aimee de Laurent’s first spell goes awry she and her skyship crew must race to find the much-desired Axiom Diamond before their enemies can get to it first…

Travel the skies with this perfect blend of fantasy and space opera just in time for the sequel, 

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