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Kameron Hurley’s Tour of Sweden

The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley

Hallå, Swedish fans!

Hope you’re all well and excited for KONTUR, the annual Swedish SFF convention. Do you know who else is excited? Kameron Hurley, that’s who. Kameron will be attending the convention as Guest of Honour alongside Ann Leckie and Siri Pettersen.

Though fear not, Kameron fans in Stockholm and Göteborg! Kameron will be swinging by the Science Fiction Bokhandelns in your cities, too.

Here are the events:

Wednesday May 24 @ 11:00: 
Kameron will be attending Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Stockholm. Check out the event on the store’s Facebook page.

Thursday, May 25 @ 11:00:
Same chain, different city. Kameron will be signing books at Science Fiction Bokhandeln in Göteborg. Be sure to pop in and say hello if you’re around!

Friday, May 26 @ 16:00: 
Kameron will, by now, have arrived in Uppsala and will be signing at The English Bookshop with Ann Leckie and Katherine Arden. You can find the details at their Facebook event. The bookshop has chosen The Stars Are Legion as their book of the month, so there will be plenty of copies around for signing.

Friday, May 26 – Sunday, May 28: 
SweCon, Uppsala.
For more information on Kameron’s appearances at the event, click here.

We hope you get the chance to say hi to Kameron and if you do, grab us a quick snap and send it over to our Twitter account.

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Author Event: Eric Scott Fischl is at MisCon 2017

Exciting news, Roboteers! BannerLogo

Eric Scott Fischl, the author of the dark, historical fantasy, Dr Potter’s Medicine Showwhich tells the story of a disgraced civil war doctor, a drunken dentist, and two accidental outlaws who fates are all bound up with the Chock-a-saw Sagwa Tonic, is escaping to MisCon: Missoula’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention from 26-29 May 2017.

Eric will be taking part in a variety of panels and signings across the weekend, plus he’s very hard at work putting together his latest novel, The Trials of Solomon Parker (coming from Angry Robot October 2017), so you never know… he may be able to tell you a little more!

Here are all the details: Angry Robot author Eric Scott Fischl

Friday May 26:

2 – 2.50pm. Book Signing: General Session.
This signing is moderated and has a strict 3 item maximum per person. 

3 -.3.50pm. Meet & Greet/Signings
Eric Scott Fischl, Alyson Peterson

Saturday May 27:

4 – 4.50pm.
Author Readings.
David Boop, Spencer G. Ellsworth, Eric Scott Fischl.
Join the authors as they read from their latest works.

5 – 5.50pm. Raiding the Stakes without Violence. (Panel)
Eric Scott Fischl, Elliott Kay, Peter Orullian (Rock Lord), J.A. PittsDr Potter's Medicine Show by Eric Scott Fischl
Sure you can raise the stakes by placing your character in physical danger, but what are some other ways you can raise the stakes? What about internal, interpersonal, and familial stakes?

Sunday May 28:

3 – 3.50pm. Writing Alternative Histories (Panel)
Jill Bowers, Eric Scott Fischl, Tex Thompson
How do you write alternative history? How much do you really need to know about the original timeline to make a convincing fork in the road? Where, when and why do you sprinkle in details to give a sense of time, and alternative time? Where’s the line between enough and trying too hard?

6 – 6.50pm. Writing Montana (Panel)
M. H. Bonham (Maggie), Eric Scott Fischl, Danica Winters
Many of our authors live in or write about Montana. What are the pros and cons of doing so? How can you capture the essence of this great state while writing genre? What can Montana offer writers of all levels?

The convention is being held at:
Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown
200 South Pattee Street
Missoula, MT 59802
(Check out the handy map below)

Tickets are available now and start at $25 for one day pass (on the door only).

Dr Potter’s Medicine Show is available now from all good retailers as well as in eBook format.

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Author Appearance: Matthew De Abaitua to WoW

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 16.01.02

Matthew De Abaitua will be heading up to Liverpool Saturday (May 13) to take part in a panel as part of the Writing On the Wall festival.

The event is called Tax the Robots and… well the festival programmers can do a much better job of explaining the day than we can, so without further ado:

The term “robot” was coined by Czechoslovakian playwright Karel Capek in 1920 — “robota” being a Czech word for tedious labor. Today, robots assemble products better, faster and often cheaper than manual laborers, while more than 8 million U.S. airline flights a year are scheduled, guided and flown with the superhuman assistance of advanced software.

Recent reports in the UK suggest that ‘robots’, or software programmes, could replace up to 250,000 white collar jobs in the next few years; a Japanese insurance company recently laid off 80 staff and replaced them with robots. 02 in the UK are considering doing the same. InAngry Robot author Matthew de Abaitua Liverpool, Merseyrail staff are stringing to prevent their own jobs being outsourced to autonomous colleagues.
The response of some during the industrial revolution was to smash up the machines; should we too become ‘luddites’ or is there another way? Head of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is just one voice calling for us to tax the robots as a way to smoothen the transition to an autonomous work force and ensuring that the payments from human workers into tax and national insurance, the bedrock of health and social care, are not lost. Employers, ever intent on cutting overheads, are eyeing up robots as a way of driving down labour costs. But weren’t robots, and tech generally, meant to free us, give us more leisure time and take the heavy load from us?

To discuss the implications of tech and robots and explore new ways of living, we have writers, trade unionists, activists, workers, commentators, etc., taking part in a series of panels and activities, including writing creative responses to explore and discuss the impact of technologies on our lives now and in the future.

Here’s Matthew’s panel:
Your Robots and You

Have you ever wondered what the future will look like, or wanted to help program a robot? Join Liverpool University’s Will Slocombe, writer Matthew de Abaitua, and computer scientist Louise Dennis, to consider our future with robots. You will get to consider the ways robots might change our lives, get to devise your own stories and graphics, and take part in deciding how a robot should act. Organised in collaboration with The Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology, University of Liverpool.

The event will be taking place on Saturday May 13 at Toxeth Library. For more information on WoWFest and to book your tickets, please visit the website.


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K W Jeter Guest of Honour at the International Steampunk Symposium


We’re incredibly excited here at Robot HQ because 2017 marks 30 Years of Steampunk!

Back in April 1987, the amazing K W Jeter was the first person the coin the phrase ‘Steampunk’ and this weekend he will be the Guest of Honour at the International Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio (28-30 May).  Angry Robot author KW Jeter

Not only will he be Guest of Honour, he’ll be taking part in the K W Jeter Feature Hour on Sunday; talking about his life and work, including the amazing George Dower Trilogy; Infernal Devices, Fiendish Schemes and Grim Expectations (coming from Angry Robot in June 2017).

The Symposium is a mission for the promotion and preservation of all things Steampunk and it plays a vital part in its dedication to the Steampunk Community. Plus it’s also a jolly good time where you are likely to find several friends whom you have yet to meet!

Here are all the details you might need:

Location: Crowne Plaza Blue Ash – 5901 Pfeiffer Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242

Tickets are available now and start at $15 for Saturday or Sunday Daytime. Weekend and Evening tickets are also available.

The full schedule is available now and take note! It includes Umbrella Fencing, High Tea, Nerf Duels and, of course:

K W Jeter Feature Hour: May 30th at 1.30pm.
Moderated by Leanna Renee Hieber

So grab your best clothes, polish off your spectacles and cogs and make your way over for a jolly good time!

And, if by chance, you have not read any of Mr Jeter’s fabulous work, Infernal Devices and Fiendish Schemes available now and Grim Expectations will be available from June 2017.

Infernal Devices (2017) by K W Jeter  Fiendish Schemes by K W Jeter  Grim Expectations by K W Jeter

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Author Events – N. S. Dolkart

Angry Robot Author, N. S. DolkartWe have released the lovely N. S. Dolkart – author of the Godserfs series, an epic fantasy that begins with Silent Hall and is followed by the upcoming Among the Fallen – from writing for the next few months so he can get out and about to meet you!

Here’s the full list of appearances: 

April 4th. 7pm. Book launch at Wellesley Books – Wellesley, MA.

April 6th. 7pm. Reading and book signing at Books on the Square – Providence, RI

April 13th. 7pm. Reading and signing at Bluestockings Bookstore – New York, NY

Among the Fallen by N S DolkartApril 19th. 7pm. Reading and signing at Harvard Coop – Cambridge, MA

April 23rd. 1pm. Reading and book signing at Barnes & Noble – Nashua, NH

May 1st. 7:30pm. Evening Presentation at Temple Emanu-El – Providence, RI

If you’re in the area pop along to one (or more) of these events, find out more and get your books signed!

Plus, tune in to WBAI New York‘s Hour of the Wolf on Thursday 30th March between 1-3am EDT (6-8am GMT) to hear Noah do an interactive reading of his story ‘The Maltese Pelican’ . Tune in from the start of the show to hear the rules of the game and hear him chat about Among the Fallen. Callers from friendlier time zones would be appreciated!



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Jeff Noon Announced as Guest of Honour at EdgeLit 6

A Man of Shadows by Jeff NoonEeeek, we have wonderful news!  Mind bending sci-fi wizard Jeff Noon has been announced as one of the Guests of Honour at the EdgeLit 6 festival in July.

The festival, beloved by the UK writing community, is a one day event in Derby full to the brim with panels, interviews, workshops and a now legendary raffle. This year EdgeLit 6 will also be host of the Gemmell Awards for outstanding fantasy.

Jeff will be in very good company, with other Guests of Honour including Peter Newman (The Malice and The Vagrant), Stephen Baxter (Obelisk, The Long Earth series) and Joanne Harris (The Gospel of Loki, Chocolat). He will be taking part in a variety of events throughout the day and talking about his forthcoming novel A Man of Shadows, which is published in early August.

EdgeLit will take place on July 15 (10AM – late) and tickets are £30. To purchase, or for more information click this here.

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Author Events: Rod Duncan

Angry Robot author Rod DuncanAs you know, our author’s are great at getting out and about and sharing their best writing advice!

The amazing Rod Duncan, author of The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter,  Unseemly Science and The Custodian of Marvels, will be out and about at the following events over the next few months, so go along and get some tips and tricks from an industry expert.

21st February. 6.30pm. A Journey to the Gas-Lit  EmpireLoughborough Library
Tickets £3. For further information telephone 0116 3052420 for details.

25th March.  The Writers Conference: Workshop on Creating Narrative Drive in Fiction. University of Nottingham.
This is a sold out event, but there is a waiting list. Get more details and sign up for the waiting list here.
25th April (First Session)Novel Writing Workshop Course, in association with Writing School Leicester. Secular Hall, Leicester.
More details available here.

So why not sign up to one (or more) of these events and find out more! Plus if you want to check out more of Rod’s work, you can find them below.
The Bullet Catcher's Daughter by Rod Duncan  Unseemly Science by Rod Duncan  TheCustodianOfMarvels-144dpi
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We’re At ConFusion!

Yey! We’re here! And by here, we mean at the 43rd ConFusion SF/F Convention in Detroit!

Our crack team of Robots will be out and about all weekend signing, reading, talking and doing their very best to win at BarCon.

Below you’ll find a rundown of where everyone will be and when. Come say hi if you see us!

Angry Robot author Wesley ChuWesley Chu


12:00 – 12:50
Plotter’s Rule! (Or So They Tell Me)
Meticulous plotting for the win! Writing from a detailed outline is the best, most effective writing strategy. Well… at least for some writers. What are the strengths and weaknesses, and what might be some alternatives, other than just making it up as you go along?

17:00 – 17:50
St. Clair
Autograph Signing


11:00 – 11:50
Isle Royale
Writing is Fundamental

Some of the fundamentals of prose storytelling have evolved over time, and some vary wildly between genres. What has changed since the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres came to be as we know them, and how have genres like mystery, romance, and YA diverged?

KameronHurley2016Kameron Hurley 


12:00 – 12:50
Rail Guns, Power Armor and Killer Robots
How close are we to the military technology heralded in SciFi books? Experts will talk about what is on the horizon.

Angry Robot author Adam RakunasAdam Rakunas


17:00 – 17:50 
The Expanse
Open, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show.


12:00 – 12:50
The Dynasty of Deep Space Nine 
Deep Space Nine: Great Trek, or the Greatest Trek? The newest incarnation of  Star Trek will launch in 2017, but, really, what’s the point when Deep Space Nine has already happened? Our panelists will discuss what made DS9 not just great Trek, but the greatest Trek ever.

16:00 – 16:50
St. Clair
Autograph Signing

18:00 – 18:50
Isle Royale


10:00 – 10:50
Fantasy & SF All-Stars
Panelists draft players for their team from across the science fiction and fantasy multiverse, right before your eyes, to confront an existential threat! Who will they choose, who will they ignore, and who will end up with the best team? The audience decides the winner!

Angry Robot author Ferrett SteinmetzFerrett Steinmetz


20:00 – 20:50
Eating the Future
Juicy nuggets of forward facing cuisine. Find out what your children will be eating on their way to Mars, create menu’s for offworld diners or cash in on the next food craze.

21:00 – 21:50
Erotica: More Than Sex?
Panelists discuss character, plot, and yes, sex scenes in erotica. What makes a sex scene hot? How do you use sex to drive the plot? When do the erotic elements cross into objectification? How do authors approach sex and erotica in het and queer romance?


10:00 – 10:50
Ballroom A & B

15:00 – 15:50
How To Author Your Persona

How do you develop who you are as an author for your fans while keeping your private life semi-private?

17:00 – 17:50
St. Clair
Autograph Signing

Angry Robot author Patrick S TomlinsonPatrick S Tomlinson


10:00 – 10:50
Interstellar Colonies: A Hubristic Fantasy?
Novels like Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel Aurora suggests that extrasolar colonies are unlikely to succeed, even if we can overcome the challenge of “getting there.” Is this pessimism justified by the science? Is it worth trying anyway? Or do we need to accept the Solar System as our one and only home?

14:00 – 14:50
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Last ConFusion, our panelists tackled driverless cars and their implications. But, with technology moving as fast it is, this ConFusion we’ll tackle it all. What technologies are on the horizon and what kinds of stories can we tell in their wake?

17:00 – 17:50
St. Clair
Autograph Signing

18:00 – 18:50
Isle Royale


12:00 – 12:50
St. Clair
Here’s What They Did to My Baby! 
No one really knows how the game is played. The art of the trade. How the sausage gets made. We just assume that it happens. And by it, we mean publishing a book. Authors tell the tale of the publishing process from their perspective. Copyedits! Title changes! Other mad alchemy!

Mike Underwood looks like this. For now...Michael Underwood

(Our sales and marketing guru Mike will be attending as an author in his own right but if you see him, please do pop over and say hello!)


17:00 – 17:50
Isle Royale
Worldbuilding 101: From Rocks to Civilizations to Gods
Genre fiction, in all its many forms, relies on the author’s ability to invest their reader in a world other than their own. What are the key tenets of building a world that will hold up under scrutiny? How do you begin that construction process?

19:00 – 19:50
St. Clair
Self Publishing For Fun & Profit
Self-publishing has undergone massive changes in the past ten years. Authors and audiences have more opportunities to create and find the stories they want, niche genres and subgenres are finding new life, and voices that have been ignored by traditional publishing are taking successful advantage of the direct-to-consumer approach. Where might self-publishing go in the next ten years?


16:00 – 16:50
St. Clair
Autograph Signing


11:00 – 11:50
Ballroom A & B

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Book Tour: Dr Potter’s Medicine Show

Roll up, roll up, for the greatest show in town!

That’s right, lads lasses, ladies, gentlemen and those who spurn such coarse terminology, the purveyor of wonder Eric Scott Fischl will forthwith be hawking his majestic wares across the plains of the US of A. Prepare to be AMAZED, ASTOUNDED and ASTONISHED by Dr Potter’s Medicine Show and the contents within, as Fischl treats you fine people to just a taste – stop jostling now, you’ll all get a turn – of his characterful characters and sinful snake-oil.

Make your way to any of the brilliant boutiques below and be one of the first to adopt this fabulous new fantasy. Quick, quick now, without delay!

Dr Potter's Medicine Show by Eric Scott FischlFeb 6, 7:30PM – Portland
Powell’s on Hawthorne, 7:30PM
In conversation with another Angry Robot, the peerless Wendy N Wagner.

Feb 9, 7PM – Seattle
University Book Store


Feb 10, 7PM – Spokane
Auntie’s Bookstore  


Feb 15th, 7PM Missoula
Fact & Fiction Bookstore  


Caveat: Angry Robot cannot be held accountable for any loss of life, sense or money.

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Author Reading: Matthew De Abaitua

Angry Robot author Matthew de AbaituaWe have a treat for you, fans of wonderfully conceptual, brilliantly realised, weirdcore science fiction. Matthew De Abaitua will be heading to Needlewriters Lewes to give a reading from his novel If Then this Thursday 12 January from 7PM.

If Then is actually set in Lewes and – fun fact – was written above the Needlewriters. It’s very British apocalypse, where civilisation is all but collapsed and renegade AI tries to recreate the First World War. Interest piqued? Well, here are a couple of reviews for you:

“Sumptuously written, with prose that glitters with a dark lustre like a Damien Hirst fly collage. intricately plotted, and a satirical point as sharp and and accurate as the scalpel of a brain surgeon: De Abaitua operates on the smiling face of the present to reveal the grimacing skull of the future.”
Will Self

“This is the kind of post-apocalypse, after-it-all-changed novel — with clever codicils — that the Brits do with so much more classy, idiosyncratic style than anyone else. It is full of magisterial weirdness, logical surrealism, melancholy joy and hopeful terror. If I begin to toss out names like Adam Roberts, Brian Aldiss, Keith Roberts, and J. G. Ballard, I will not be lavishing undue praise.”
Paul Di Filippo

“One of the most intriguing and disturbing near-future speculations published for some years.”
Strange Horizons

“De Abaitua builds on the promise he demonstrated in The Red Men in this intellectual science fiction novel, whose ambition is matched by its execution. The author’s thoughtful world-building is enhanced by a cast of relatable characters.”
Publishers Weekly

Matthew will be joined by fellow authors Kay Syrad and Colin Bell on the night. Drinks and nibbles will be available, as will copies of If Then (cash and cheque only).

Full details of the event can be found here. Needlewriters can be found at the Needlemakers here:

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Danielle L Jensen Live at Owl’s Nest Books


Angry Robot author Danielle L JensenWonderful news for those close to Calgary – you can meet Danielle L Jensen, the USA Today bestselling author of the Malediction Trilogy (Stolen SongbirdHidden Huntress, Warrior Witch) and the forthcoming The Broken Ones (June 2017 – mega excite!) at Owl’s Nest Books this Saturday.

Go, seek her out and meet the author who filled your heart with magic and romance.

More details here.

Saturday, December 17 2016
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Owl’s Nest Books
Britannia Shopping Plaza
815A 49th Avenue SW
Read More

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Carrie Patel at Bookstar, Studio City CA Sun 4 December

Never miss a chance to meet Carrie Patel! The wonderful author of equally wondrous The Buried Life, Cities and Thrones and soon The Song of the Dead (May 2017) is live in California and waiting to talk to you and sign some books. Carrie’s joined by Paul Krueger, and Anne Tibbets (as Addison Gunn). It’s sure to be a splendid afternoon.


Sunday December 04, 2016 1:00 PM

Bookstar/Studio City

Studio City Theatre
12136 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Event details at Barnes & Noble / Facebook event

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