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Angry Robot Site of the Month

sfsignal-biglogo00We are thrilled – nay, delighted – to announce the first Angry Robot Site of the Month.

The Site of the Month is awarded to the website that fulfils our distinctly random criteria for the month, or one which we just think is plain excellent. Our criteria for choosing is likely to change month-on-month, and is largely dependant on how we feel at the time.

Our first Site of the Month is SF Signal.

An excellent

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We’re feeling loved

angry-robotA lot of people are talking about / blogging about Angry Robot, and our first collection of books, so we’d like to highlight one or two.

Over at The Fiction Desk they’re running a new regular feature covering publisher websites, and their accessibility/useability.

If you do find your way to the site, it’s a pretty good design. The primary feature is the blog, which is a great example of a publisher blog: regular posts with a combination of their

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New meat for your metal masters

ANGRY ROBOT have been busy signing more brilliant authors for its upcoming SF/F/WTF?! imprint, due to launch in July 2009. No flannel, here they are…

J Robert KingAward-winning US author J ROBERT KING has been snapped up for two novels brimming with wild creativity and extraordinary ideas. He calls his books “metaphysical suspense” — don’t worry, that just means they blow your imagination apart while at the same time freezing your blood.

Rob’s debut for Angry Robot, the fabulously

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Slights – the cover

Slights - in UK stores 1 July 09 [Click to see larger.]

Well, if you’ve got it, you should definitely flaunt it. Photo by the lovely Stefan Kopinski, design by Argh!, cute little girl-demon second right from the depths of some hell you really don’t want to end up.

Slights will be published in the UK on 1st July 09, with a US edition following in September.

That incredible

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Traditional “Waa-hooh! The first proofs have arrived” posting

Proofs, fuck yeah, etcWrites itself, really. Piece of cake, this blogging lark. I don’t why people make such a fuss about it.

What we can tell you that isn’t blindingly obvious? Yes, that’s a corporate proof design based on our logo and not the actual finished book covers. These are super-limited and you haven’t got a prayer of snagging one — unless you go join our Robot Army of bloggers and reviewers, and help

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Thought you might like to see this…

greyred_on_black_10cm_72dpiRather a smart little thing. We’ve had it for a little while, actually, but now’s a good time to show it off.

Also worth showing off: our new website will be up on Monday. It includes details of our first releases and how you can sign-up for our robot army. Busy people, us.

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What is “genre-enough”?

spacesquidsI stated in my previous post (“So, Uhhhh…  Hi”, below) that we had recently rejected some manuscripts that were not “genre enough”, and received a question back “what does the angry robot think is ‘genre enough’?”.

A thoroughly deserving question.

There are many criteria we use when deciding whether a book is suitable for Angry Robot (a major one being, of course: did we enjoy reading it? – it’s often such a subjective game). The question of whether a book is “genre enough” is an important one.


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THE best stuff of 2008, and no arguing now

robot-new-yearWell, another year over, and a new one just begun. (Hmm, sounds familiar…) So I poked our Lee and our Chris to get me a Top Cool Things of 2008 list or three, and rattled one off of my own. Then I flung them together with some pictures off the interweb. As you’ll see, we all took somewhat different approaches to this one. Anyway here they all are. Sorry. More →

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Xmas opening hours

Our remote snowbound outpost will be unmanned between Weds Dec 24th and Monday Jan 5th. However, we’ll be picking up and replying to email sporadically, so feel free to drop us a line if you need us.

When we return, we will have details of our first season for you. Oh yes.

Happy holidays, flesh-covered lifeforms.

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Here comes Halloween

As Marc’s been looking towards our first batch of acquisitions (news coming soon!), it’s been very clear there’s a brewing trend for a next wave of horror writers out there. It’s something that mills around in publishing circles, where we keep on waiting for the great resurgence of commercially successful horror writing after the halcyon days of the 80s. And we keep on talking about it, but still it doesn’t come back!

And here we are, of course on the one day per year when everyone’s thinking horrific thoughts in the glorious pagan-capitalist tradition that is Halloween.

So where

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Hot or Not?

I admit it, I’ve watched Ghost in the Shell too many times.

I was never a BladeRunner fan – something about it always made me want to fall asleep, though that may have been perpetually watching it half-cut at 3am when I was younger. But Ghost in the Shell? That got me, with it’s “past man, past machine” schtick. But when you see the prosaic reality underneath the philosophising, it’s both deeply disappointing and MORE disturbing than any movie. This Actroid female robot is like some kinda botox freak out of LaLaland done as only Japan can –

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Nods head repeatedly and cries “Yes yes yes”

It’s rare at the moment to read a debate about science fiction and agree so wholeheartedly with most of it, but SF Signal’s current mind-meld on “The Future of Written Science Fiction” had me nodding so vigorously I almost sued myself for whiplash injuries. The question of what happens to the literature of the future when the future actually arrives seems to be exercising some writers and editors rather a lot at the moment. For some, that means writing SF gets harder (Charles Stross recently opined that for him it now verges on the impossible); for others, that

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