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More Bodies for the Metal Overlords

The flurry of new signings to Angry Robot continues unabated, with not one but two new deals announced today.

First up, we have a matching pair of extraordinary near-future thrillers, EDGE and POINT. In the former, we find ourselves in a decaying UK. The government’s response to decades of uncontrollable knife crime has been to legalise duelling, turning fighting with blades into a legitimate activity. The pinnacle of this new “sport” is the primetime TV show Knife Edge, in which have-a-go members of the public can compete against trained knifemen for ever greater rewards. So you know just what our

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The Dreams & Nightmares of Ian Whates

We’re delighted to announce that British author and anthologist IAN WHATES is the latest signing to Angry Robot.

He will be writing a series of novels set in one of the most extraordinary fantasy settings since Gormenghast – the vertical city of Thaiburley. From its towering palatial heights to the dregs who dwell in The City Below, it’s an incredible creation. When Tom, a teenage street thief from the depths, ventures into the uppermost levels to impress a girl, the last thing he expects to do is witness a murder. Accused of the crime, he must use all of

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Slights: the soundtrack

This reposted from Kaaron Warren’s blog, cos we thought it was well worth repeating. Obviously we couldn’t do anything like offer a copy of KW’s next novel, Walking the Tree, to the first person to post a link to this as a mix-tape in our Comments…

When Hollywood calls, I already have the soundtrack to “Slights”, as devised by our High Commissioner to Fiji, Mr James Batley, who hosted the Fiji launch on Wednesday night. Here is his list. Wonderful stuff!

“Stephanie Says” – The Velvet Underground
“Devil in Disguise” – Elvis Presley

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PW starred review (and Pick of the Week!) for Slights

Picture 1Yes, we’re getting quite a few of these tasty reviews, because Slights is a genuinely wonderful book, and of course you should all buy it and read it as soon as you are able.

But this one is in Publisher’s Weekly. Yes, the Bible of the US publishing industry. Yes, read by every bookstore owner and stock buyer across North America.

So what do they say? Oh, how it’s great, fabulous, a wonderfully

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Meet our latest signing

Ms AlietteThe recent news that Angry Robot has signed up Aliette de Bodard for her debut novel, and a couple more to follow, was acclaimed across the white-hot core of the SF industry. The movers and shakers at the very heart of things know her from a selection of perfectly poised, finely machined short stories. But for those of you who have yet to make her acquaintance, here’s a clutch of ideas to help:


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BYOR (Bring your own robot)

You know, for a science fiction convention, there has been a distinct lack of robots at WorldCon. Good job, then, that we decided to bring our own.

Angstrom the Angry Robot has had his anger chip removed, though as part of a mad experiment, and we have installed a gigolo chip installed, instead. This is him chatting with author Lauren Beukes at the tremendous Angry Robot party at WorldCon in Montreal last night.

Lauren left the party early, and coincidentally, Angstrom left a discreet 10 minutes later. No insinuations – just sayin’…

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Montreal Smoked Robot

conventioncenterYes, we’re at Anticipation, the fabulous 2009 Science Fiction Worldcon, held in the convention centre here in the sunny city of Montreal, Canada. The Angry Robot crew are here in force – as well as Lee and yrs trly, we have Kaaron Warren, Lauren Beukes, Colin Harvey and latest signing Aliette de Bodard. And also, it seems, a legion of admiring followers. Thanks to everyone who has made us so welcome here already.

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Angry Robot signs Aliette de Bodard & Lavie Tidhar

Yes, it certainly was damn hard to keep this news under wraps, but now it is time, at last, to talk of great things. Namely, that Angry Robot has signed two of the absolute hottest up-and-coming fantasy writers.

Aliette de BodardALIETTE DE BODARD is a writer and computer specialist whose short fiction has already brought her a John W Campbell Award nomination, for best newcomer. Living in Paris, Aliette is French, of Vietnamese

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Worldcon – Angry Robot Party: the invite

Be there or be killedHere’s your invite for the Angry Robot party at Worldcon. Come along and celebrate both our recent British and Australian launch, and look forward to our upcoming US/Canadian launch. Meet our large, metallic and decidedly miffed companion. Rub up against a selection of gorgeous writers who are rather more famous than you are. Or just come by and drink all our beer as you drift from one party to

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Neil Gaiman

gaimanNext Thursday Marco and I will be heading off to Montreal for Anticipation – the 67th World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon).

While we’re there, we’re hosting an Angry Robot Launch Party on the Friday night, and at some time between 7.00pm and 8.00pm, the mighty Neil Gaiman will be dropping by to give a little talk to our guests, along with an additional, mystery guest! Believe me, if you’re at WorldCon next weekend, you won’t want to miss this

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Culture Café

logo_ccIt’s fair to say that Angry Robot is getting a fair amount of coverage in SF circles at the moment. We’ve also had a lot of interest from overseas. The latest feature to be written about us can be found over at Culture Café – a French site dealing with all things interesting and of cultural significance. If you can read French, the feature can be found here. Actually, it can be found there even if you don’t read French, but it may be of less

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Weekend Reviews, and stuff.

Well, another great few days for reviews – if this keeps up, we’ll have to start considering dropping the “Angry” from Angry Robot;  maybe upgrade it temporarily to Slightly Miffed Robot – our equivalent of defcon 3.

Moxyland-frontFirst off the block, a review of Moxyland from Not Free SF Reader:

A rich kid that is an independent media producer, a walking corporate advertisement addicted photographer, a street activist, and a corporate programmer with subversive sympathies. All of whom

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Her antennae had the cutest curl

robotheartHokus Bloke (aka Neil Gardner, the owner of the UK’s longest-established independent radio company, Ladbroke Productions) is an interesting character. On his personal blog he produces a new poem on a daily basis.

Yesterday, in honour of the Angry Robot launch he gave us “Robot Love” (without, thankfully, any lurid descriptions of hydraulic pump-action appendages).

Meanwhile, talking of appendages, Angry Robot head honco (what is a “honcho”, exactly?) Marc G popped up on Suite

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