“With a candid style that exhibits solid confidence and finesse, Chris Holm pulls readers in and pins us to the edge of our seats”
New York Journal of Books

“A strong urban fantasy that will cement Holm’s reputation in the field.”
– Paul Simpson, SciFi Bulletin

The Wrong Goodbye, by Chris F. HolmMeet Sam Thornton, Collector of Souls.

Because of his efforts to avert the Apocalypse, Sam Thornton has been given a second chance – provided he can stick to the straight-and-narrow.

Which sounds all well and good, but when the soul Sam’s sent to collect goes missing, Sam finds himself off the straight-and-narrow pretty quick.

File Under: Urban Fantasy [ Missing | Soul Provider | Call Collect | Demon Child ]

Cover Art: Amazing15
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Book Info:
The Second Book in the Collector Series

UK Print
Date: 4th October 2012
ISBN: 9780857662200
Format: Medium (B-Format) Paperback
R.R.P.: £8.99

US/CAN Print
Date: 25th September 2012
ISBN: 9780857662217
Format: Small (Mass-Market) Paperback
R.R.P.: US$7.99 CAN$8.99

Date: 25th September
ISBN: 9780857662224
Format: Epub & Mobi
R.R.P.: £5.49 / US$6.99

Other Books in This Series:

1. Dead Harvest (March 2012)
3. The Big Reap (August 2013)

Buying Info:

UK Print & Ebook
Amazon.co.uk | Book Depository | Waterstones | WHSmith

North American Print & Ebook
Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | BarnesandNoble.com | IndieBound.org

Global DRM-Free Epub Ebook
Robot Trading Company


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Author Info:

Chris F. Holm: WWW | Twitter

Discuss and Share:

Discuss and Review The Wrong Goodbye at Goodreads.com

Read an Extract:

Read, download, share and embed via Issuu.com

Praise and Reviews:

“Holm’s established himself with this one. It’s smart (the winking references to pop culture alone will make savvy readers grin) and packs a hefty wallop of action as well as setting up several dominoes for the next book.”
Raging Biblioholism

“It’s a fun adventure, a cross-country fantastical crime spree that fans of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and the TV show Supernatural will likely enjoy. It hits all the right notes as both a buddy comedy and a horror show.”
– Neliza Drew, Criminal Element

“A grim, imaginative take on the detective yarn.”
Jason Heller, NPR

The Wrong Goodbye is explosive, enthralling, page turning and everything that you would want from a sequel to a book as awesome as Dead Harvest.”
– Bane of Kings, The Founding Fields

“This is one hell of a book and I cant wait for third instalment.”
Just a Guy That Likes to Read

“This series is urban fantasy at its best with subtle noir undertones and the combo just works. Also, if you’re a fan of the classics in hardboiled noir, the title is especially awesome.”
– Kristin at My Bookish Ways

“This action packed novel will keep you reading late into the night and provide hours of entertainment. An irresistible treat for all the urban fantasy fans out there.”
– Ken Wong, Paperless Reading

The Wrong Goodbye is an amazing follow up to Dead Harvest, but stands surprisingly well on its own … In my opinion Holm has become a must-read author, as I love how his crime is salted with the supernatural.”
– Mieneke van der Salm, A Fantastical Librarian

“Back in [my] Dead Harvest review I said that Chris was close to knocking Jim Butcher off of the top of my favourite Urban Fantasy authors list but that I was waiting for a pedigree to be established. That pedigree has now been established with The Wrong Goodbye and with only his second published novel, Chris has become one of the authors I genuinely admire.”
– Voxael, Spoiler Alert!

“Riding on an intricately woven plot filled with witty, flawlessly executed dialogue, Mr. Holm’s sophomore effort proves that he’s no one-hit wonder, but rather a true contender. The author’s amazing talent for writing and limitless genius for storytelling guarantees readers a wild ride”.
– Renee C. Fountain, for New York Journal of Books

“I love Holm’s creativity and his willingness to not simply follow the herd of current fiction trends. The Wrong Goodbye is a great novel, filled with adventure and a straightforward storytelling style that makes this book a real treat.”
Kristin Taggart, OwlCat Mountain

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